Thursday, 27 December 2012

Holi-daze In The City / Winter Update!

First and foremost I have to apologize to the you, the internet masses, for being so scarcely active these past two weeks! Fashion doesn't stop my friends, and neither does the internet, and although I haven't said a whole lot I assure you I've been paying attention; it's my life, after all. To say that the holidays have been overwhelming is an understatement in the very least! Between very busy salon shifts, holiday events and parties, and of course making time to see my family in between the bustle; it's been more than difficult to ensure I get to say something on here that's meaningful.

Well! I'm happy to be back. And the least I can do is tell you where I've been. A few previews here and there have been an exciting and interesting taste of what a lot of fashion houses are planning to embrace for the Spring season. But of course, as we all know, there's the trend of the house and the trend of the consumer. I plan to write up an article about what I think you should be planning for come Spring 2013 - just so you have a little time to prepare, be ahead of the curve, and make an impression.

What's even better than Spring and ripe for the grabbing? Winter fashion! Winter has been epic in terms of style this year - the gold, the black, the leather, the fur, the feathers, the oversized knits! And are we all still on a stud fix? Because I am! The trend of trends this season! I'm going to be compiling a small gallery of some of my favourite Winter Street Style from right here in the city. Toronto style for Toronto weather! Speaking of which, I hope all my fellow Torontonians are enjoying the flash blanket of snow we were buried under this week! We might be dramatic about it but at least we have style; don't forget that faux fur or that black leather this week.

Fashion aside, I'd love to hear what everyone has been up to for the holidays! Like I said, for myself it's been a few parties here and there but I mostly spent the few days I had off with my family. I don't get to see them too often, and just getting a day here or there to spend quality time with them is sometimes all the rest and excitement I need. Speaking of which, my mom and I take Christmas decorating very seriously! (Are you surprised?) And we went all out, yet again, for a fantastic tree this year! Over-sized, masquerade feathers, huge gold and red embellishments, and ribbons, ribbons, ribbons galore! We love anything that glitters, drapes, and adds almost too much texture - because, well, when it's Christmas, it's almost never too much.

I'd absolutely love to see some of your work this season too! Be sure to email me your photos.

DylanInTheCity is still in it's young, growing stages; but it's been such a pleasure of mine to write about fashion from the heart that I've been thinking of expanding my voice. Talking about things in the city that matter to me, and introducing how important art is as a whole besides just Fashion alone. Keep it locked, because as always, I'd love to hear what you guys think.

Be safe this holiday season; and enjoy the rest of it with bright, open arms.


Saturday, 15 December 2012

A Haute Holiday with Homegrown Boutique & The Thompson!

'Twas a cold winter's night, when all through the town, the fabulous was out - and what about? Fashion no doubt! Ok, quite lame, but it was literally the best I could do! How else could I get your attention for a fantastic Winter event at The Thompson? Oh wait! How about - You're invited to a night of glam! 

Our friends at Homegrown Boutique are hosting what's sure to be a fantastic evening of drinks, friends, holiday fabulous, and fashion, fashion, fashion next Tuesday, December 18th at The Thompson Hotel here in downtown Toronto! Come on by and join us for Haute Holiday; a night of holiday celebration and Winter style featuring some of Homegrown Boutique's fantastic collection of Fall/Winter 2012 pieces! I will definitely be there myself and would love to see you too! Enjoy viewing some of the best designers Canada has to offer in one fabulous location hosted by one of our best local boutiques! 

By RSVP Only! 


Fashion Magazine / Period Drama

D. Picard Presents; featuring Lucian Matis


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Shine On! Holiday Soirée with #ProjectSunshineCanada / Retrospect

Project Sunshine Canada's Shine On! Holiday Soirée, which we've been excited about all week, has come and gone and was everything we hoped it would be. To say that the talent in this city is inspiring is an enormous understatement for me. Some of the coolest, freshest, and most interesting pieces were displayed last night by designers in the city that evoke the same. Everything from hand-printed ceramic wares, to hand-crafted metal jewelry, to consciously composed leaf tea of international quality, both ethical and refined, were displayed and celebrated amidst a flurry of Toronto's young, creative, and professional. 

Project Sunshine Canada is non-profit, local organization that provides free, interactive seminars and programs for children who face medical challenges (and their families) all over the GTA. Shine On!, developed by the Project Sunshine YPC, was meant to create an opportunity for consumers to not only support local Fashion, but support a fantastic, local cause at the same time. Visitors were treated to complimentary (and delicious!) hors d'oeuvres, drinks, a silent auction featuring some of the fantastic talent in the room, as well as the chance to mingle with designers and shop their wares; all the while contributing to Project Sunshine Canada and their ongoing work in the community.

Held in the earthy and urban Spoke Club on King West, Shine On! had a fantastic energy and an even better turn-out! I had the chance to chat with some of these great designers who have literally uplifted their products and businesses from the ground-up with sheer talent and devotion to their craft. One of my favourite creators at the event was undoubtedly Alessandra Cardarelli, brainchild behind Carte Blanche Creations, who produces the most clever and beautiful ceramic coasters (among other things!). Unable to share the "secret" of her trade, Cardarelli herself can print anything from photos on Instagram, to vintage family photos, to custom typography on slabs of square ceramic. An eclectic, colourful, and even personal touch to anyone's home - I'd love to have these in my apartment! I noted that they might even make a fantastic back splash for someone with a kitchen the size to hold it. Wonderful work!

I also had the pleasure to meet the woman behind perhaps my favourite jewelry showcase at Shine On!, White Feather Designs. Breanne Morrow was an absolute delight - perky and full of energy, she displayed some of the coolest metal work I've seen in the city. Hollow, geometric pendants and pieces in hard, triangular and equilateral shapes caught my eye from a distance! These pieces are not only totally on point in terms of trend, but hand-crafted by Morrow herself in meticulous detail. The same can be said for her collection of earrings, bracelets, and absolutely adorable packaging! It's all in the details; I loved it, and her!

The girls of Bel Ami Hair Accessories were also a unique and wonderful addition to the showcase. Exuding utmost passion, owner Eriz Fitzpatrick was quick to express not only her passion for Project Sunshine and the work that it does (she's on the YPC!), but also in her involvement in children's lives beyond just that. Providing custom-created head bands and hair accessories for schools across Ontario, Canada, and even internationally, Bel Ami has established a reputation of refined creation, hospitality, and utmost quality. We loved her head bands and especially some of her more chic, demure pieces that would be a welcome addition to anyone's wardrobe, in school or not!

While at Shine On! I also had the chance to meet and speak with the powerhouse design-duo behind Toronto's acclaimed LABEL. One of my favourite teams in the city, Shawna Robinson and Natalie Sydoruk have consistently produced pieces for Fashion Week that are wearable, interchangeable, and uniquely characteristic in terms of design. As a result, LABEL has quickly developed and maintained an aesthetic of itself, and is touted, by myself included, as one of Toronto's best local design houses. 

The girls were magnificent! We had a small conversation about how I think it's interesting that I've recently been noticing companies taking a greater interest in melding the world Fashion with humanitarian causes, community relief, and world events. Which have provided opportunities for people within the industry, and enthusiasts alike, the chance to expose their talents and businesses in a way that creates real change beyond just Fashion alone. I asked them if they think the Fashion world should push this approach more strongly, and if the market should take a more active role in this direction. The girls were quick to say that, to them at least, they run their Fashion line like the lead their lives - "We do our best." They were adamant in the fact that, regardless of industry, business, or personal life, people should take an interest in their community and find ways to make those connections happen. As an ethically-conscious design team, I wasn't surprised in the least; and was inspired by not only their always fantastic work, but by their tenacity and values. A pleasure, to say the least!

At the end of the day, Shine On! couldn't have been more successful in my eyes. I can only wish the YPC as well as Project Sunshine Canada the utmost success in their continued professional ventures and wonderful, ongoing work for children all across Toronto. It was a wonderful experience to participate in something that valued Fashion but, at the same time, consciously kept a hand in our community. It goes beyond just Toronto as an artistic hub, but Toronto as a real, connected city. A treat and an inspiring night! Thank you Project Sunshine Canada - to your future. Here are some more pictures of our night!

Lauren McLachlan, a pleasure to meet, and her beautiful collection of Cashmere creations - Valentine K. Warm and divine to touch! A must-have this Winter.

Toveren, and their fantastic metal work!

The team behind Toveren, featuring the talented and beautiful Carleton Eckhardt.


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Shine On! Holiday Soirée / Local Design + Local Support

I was recently invited to attend Project Sunshine Canada YPC's Shine On! Holiday Soirée in the city; an event that aims to tastefully combine local talent and Fashion with local issues and real support. As everyone is aware, I am a huge believer in supporting Toronto's local design market in any way that I can - but this goes much further than just that.

Chaired by Jennifer Kaiser, Shine On! will showcase young, local Fashion Designers and their seasonal collections to a fun and fabulous crowd of buyers! All proceeds will be benefiting Project Sunshine Canada; a non-profit organization that provides free, public programs to children who face medical challenges (along with their families) in ten medical facilities across the GTA. The YPC (Young Patrons Circle) consists of young professionals who are passionately devoted to the work of Project Sunshine Canada; developing events to help raise awareness for the organization and empower it's ongoing work.

Shine On! will allow consumers to get a fabulous kick-start to their holiday shopping - enjoying drinks, food, friends, and a wide variety of local creations to choose from. This year's event will feature a talented, young, and ambitious roster of Artisans (and their brands) that produce everything from house wares, to hand-made accessories, to entire clothing lines - LABEL (whom we all know and love!), Valentine K, Bel Ami Hair Accessories, Toveren Jewelry, One-Off Vintage, and White Feather are just some of the names showcasing their talent this year.

I am thrilled to be attending this year's showcase. Local Fashion with a local message, and it can't hurt that the holidays are just around the corner! Join us this year, and be inspired not only by local design, but by the community action it will be a part of. Shine On! will be taking place on Monday, December 3rd, 2012 (that's next week!) at The Spoke Club on King West from 5:00 pm - 9:00pm. See you there!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

H&M + MMM / 27 Look Gallery! #MaisonMartinMargiela

Courtesy the iconic Toronto Life, I present to you, my FFF (Faithful Fashion Followers!) 27 exclusive looks from the highly-anticipated H&M with Maison Martin Margiela Fall 2012 Collection. Just in case, of course, you just happened to miss the November 15th Launch frenzy! Enjoy, salivate a little, and maybe go on a hunt through the city and see what scraps you can find!

Images by Paul Wetherell/H&M

Insta-Dylan / @TheDylanDias


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