Thursday 6 June 2013

Saying Goodbye / Reaching the Zenith

I know that I've been absent lately, and I know that there's a lot happening around me; so I'm here to clear the air, gain some ground, and let you all know why I've been so quiet and clandestine. Without going into the raw specifics (because I assure you, the reason, when you come to know of it, will be worth it); Dylan In The City is closing. Saying goodbye to you - amazing readers, blogosphere, and all the opportunities that have come with a combination of my blog, my Hairstyling career, and some of the incredible friends, artists, and entrepreneurs I've met along the way. But don't fret! I'm not fading into obscurity (well, maybe I have been a little bit lately, haha!) I'm rather just on the road to something greater, newer, and inherently better.

As you may have read in my earlier post, my career and my focus in the Fashion Industry is about to take a drastic shift. A shift for me, my industry, my clientele, and everything I've built so far. In the midst of this shift I have come to the conclusion that I will have the added benefit of focusing more on my writing, my editorial skills; all the while learning and building on this new path away from Hair. That being said, Dylan In The City isn't closing for just any reason; it's evolving and giving way to something much greater. Something that I've been working on so passionately that it's kept me away from here; which may account for quietness. Well, that and all this transition. 

Come Fall 2013, expect a big, new, wonderful pop from me as I launch a brand new online venture: Zenith. The apex, the highest point, the best, the ultimate, the vista, the absolute. Zenith will be the personification of those iconic and powerful words. In what sense I can't say yet, because I'd rather not spoil the surprise; but I'm hoping that you, and many more, will join me in celebrating it. It will be greater than a personalized blog; it will be powerful, interesting, and a collaborative congregation of people who simply love art. What's not to adore? I'll be working on it all throughout the Summer, and I will be updating it's progress as usual on my many Social outlets / @TheDylanDias. I am so, so, so excited to start my new path that Zenith seemed the best way to express it. This time it counts. Fashion is my world, beauty is my world, creativity is my world - it's my Zenith. What's yours?


Thursday 23 May 2013

Fall 2013 with Rudsak / Preview Event #Stardust

A couple of days ago I had the unique privilege of experiencing Rudsak, one of Canada's premiere and most sought-after Design Houses, present their Fall 2013 Preview here in Toronto at the beautiful Templar Hotel; uniquely titled Stardust. Before I start ranting about the beauty of design and how incredible it all is, I should speak first about the impact Rudsak carries with it, and why that in itself is cause for celebration enough.

Hailing from Montréal, and ruling it, Rudsak has been an inspirationally powerful brand since it's inception almost two decades ago. Possessing an aesthetic that bases itself on rich, luxurious materials; Rudsak often manages to balances the fine line of Canadian rustic-heritage with inner-city, youthful polish. Clean lines, brilliant palettes, and an urban edge balance out a traditionally strong aesthetic of functional luggage-wear and seasonally practical outerwear. The quality of their leather, being known for the way they use it, is unmatched in our market - and you honestly can't appreciate it (which is something I quickly learned) until you see it.

The Fall 2013 Preview event I attended was guided by Matt, a representative of the iconic brand, who carefully, methodically, and passionately guided us through a variety of staple looks for Rudsak's Autumn. From the get-go I was immediately smitten by the quality of the leather. I saw Rudsak present this season at World MasterCard Fashion Week but I had no idea how incredible the pieces actually were until I saw them up close. The Moto-Jackets were fiercely cut, inky black, and detailed in a Gold Lamé-esque fabric and Faux-Pony in the most brilliantly rich Oxblood. The structured boning, clasps, and zips were an embrace of a past era - 70's disco meets 90's grunge, as Matt would say, in tandem with the line's name; Stardust. And also, quite clearly, in tandem with the 90's elements we've been seeing trend enormously in Fashion this Season.

Despite the awesome aesthetic of the Collection, I was more impressed by the amount of design intelligence. Every piece in Rudsak's arsenal of leather and coats were multi-functional and incredibly detailed - from the fabric choice to the piping to the way it's worn. They are extremely high quality and you can easily get two, even three looks from almost every one of their classic Winter pieces. Many coats were multi-layered; featuring unique button closures, texturally diverse leather, nylon, and fur; and the option of removing, adding on, or altering at least one part of the coat as you wear it. Brilliant design composition - both functional and beautiful; quality meets grace, it's really quite awesome!

One of my favourite pieces of the entire presentation was a beautifully striped, cowl-necked Winter dress. It was textured in intricately lined strips of leather with black mesh in between, but it cut and curled around the curves of the body in bold triangles and shapes, creating form through it's texture. It was a beautifully detailed pieces that you could easily dress up or down in the richest black, which was a huge palette theme for the entire Rudsak showcase. Love!

Some of the best pieces of the entire showcase were the accessories. Boasting a brilliant mix of fur lined hats, chic, iPhone sensitive leather gloves, and both wax-coated and chalkboard-finished leather satchels in the richest colours. Like we've said before, Rudsak is famous for their luggage-wear, and this season's Collection is no exception. The quality of the bags are bar-none, and yet they remain totally affordable in a high designer market. Finished cleanly or distressed, the wax-coated leathers are luxurious to the touch as well as the sight. I highly recommend investing in some of their luggage if you're being introduced to Rudsak for the first time; it will give you a sense of the quality of the leather without the price tag of a full Winter coat. But, chances are, if you love the bag as much as I know you will, you will probably get the coat to partner!

Rounding out the entire showcase was a diverse mix of new Rudsak Menswear. Matt was quick to point out that Rudsak is interested in investing more time in Menswear, which, as a person who is an advocate for the evolution of Men's Design, was thrilling for me. He presented us with more brilliant black knitwear, some of which were wax-coated in glossy finishes that mirrored their brilliant coats; as well as a unique and quality collection of powerful bubble coats and classic Moto-cuts. We were smitten from beginning to end.

Rudsak continues to be an International leader in leather design hailing from a Canadian market. I couldn't be more proud nor impressed with the aesthetic, incredible quality, and amazing functionality of their Fall 2013 Collection that continue to keep Rudsak at the forefront of amazing fashion. It was an absolute pleasure!

Visit Rudsak in Downtown Toronto at the corner of Queen & John and invest in some fantastic Winter wear today. Show your support for Canadian Fashion and Canadian talent!

315 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M52 2A4


Thursday 16 May 2013

Fall 2013 with HUDSON Jeans / Collection Preview

No stranger to vibrant attitude, HUDSON Jeans presented an unforgettably on-point and vivid Collection of fantastic denim at their Fall 2013 Preview here in Toronto. And when I say vivid, I don’t necessarily mean in colour – I’m talking attitude. We’re seeing 90’s-era grunge blend with Moto-inspired leather, patchwork textural denim on denim, and some of the sexiest, slickest washes from HUDSON as a brand yet.

I was beyond smitten from the get-go when I started seeing that 90’s element peek through. Claudia presented us with a nostalgic return to the prestige of true denim - classic blue washed, both distressed and richly inky, lined with bright yellow stitching or accented with faded tones and ripped fabric. They were two different looks from one great era; clean denim vs. destroyed denim. “Destroy & Repair” (coined by HUDSON) was something I absolutely loved for Spring; and was a major precursor to all the grunge elements we’re seeing in Fashion right now. HUDSON has taken this same idea, destroying Jeans only to wear them again, to a crisper level with darker washes and richer tones – something indicative of what Fall Fashion means. Adore.

But what’s 90’s denim without a little rock star? One of the biggest trends of the year makes a re-appearance in HUDSON’s fall lineup to an aesthetic that echoes the unabashed, biker-glam of urban London. Zipped, richly made dark denim, both shiny and matte, solidify HUDSON as a sexy, youthful legwear design house with wicked leather elements. We were absolutely taken with the gold, zipped pieces, the textural patchwork of denim on denim, and especially the rich inkiness of some of HUDSON’s most beautiful blackest-of-black pieces. This 90’s-era trend goes beyond the youthful liberation of blue denim, but instead delves far into the sexy, dark, brooding identity of punk with a chic edge – studs, patchwork fabric, and glossy textures in chestnut brown, deep black, charcoal grey, and brilliant oxblood. The wax-coated denim added to this aesthetic, and was our absolute favourite look for the entire showing! The matte yet shiny texture of the wax is not quite as powerful as leather, but not quite as understated and effortless as a pair of classic denim pants either. It’s edgy but easy, which seems to be in perfect tandem with what HUDSON is all about to begin with. Fantastic! I think I speak for everyone who was at the preview in saying that I wish every showing rack in the room was with me at home. A wonderful preview for a fierce Season ahead.

HUDSON has continued to be a remarkable source for great denim since its inception, and I can speak volumes about how tasteful each Season of HUDSON is – but I want to try and explain it in a better way. HUDSON is a company that continues to design with significance, and what I mean by that is the ability to take fresh inspiration from classic elements, all the while re-creating and re-imagining current, evolving trends. They never forget their history, pulling elements from London consistently in each Season, and always utilize creative and artistic outlets to showcase their aesthetic. Whether through insta-campaigns, performance art, or just fantastic urban street photography; HUDSON presents an identity each Season. And it’s an identity that permeates – youthful, fierce, neoteric, individual, easy. HUDSON, I think I love you.

Wednesday 1 May 2013

The Fashion Frontier / An Update

Yes, I am still alive, despite all your worries! I have to apologize blogosphere, for taking a much needed and slightly clandestine leave-of-absence from any serious writing here at Dylan In The City. A very busy beginning to the year, both on a personal and professional level, has been quite the trip. From shows, to photo shoots, to very busy salon days, and to personal commitments! My life needed a tune-down, and I refrained for a bit from any events and anything outside of my day-to-day work as a hairstylist, including blogging, to be completely and totally honest. But Spring is here in Toronto, finally! And the energy of blue skies and bright sunshine is not without it's perks. I have a lot to say about where I'm headed and a lot to say about what I plan to do this year - with this blog, with my path, and with Fashion in this enigmatic city of ours.

For quite a while, even before I started writing here, I've been dwindling and balancing between the worlds of Fashion and Beauty. As a busy hairstylist, I am constantly grounded to my trade work day-in and day-out that comes before anything else. I've built a long-standing clientele and have worked tirelessly and passionately within this industry for almost 7 years. Though both Fashion and Beauty are totally related and intermixable industries, there is a gap that exists, and it exists only for the professional behind it (as opposed to the media in front of it). I've enjoyed the privilege, honour, and pleasure of changing people's lives, their actual energy and pride, with the work that I do - but I believe I am officially over with it. And I don't mean for that to sound negative, because it isn't. My relationship with Beauty will be an honourable one, something that has forever changed me. But recently, in my dive into Fashion freelancing, I find myself gravitating towards the apex of an industry that powers itself from clothes, and not hair. I feel myself being drawn to an industry I've been obsessed with for years, and it's just finally come to a point where I had to make a decision to be a hairstylist in Fashion, or be Fashion. So, to be frank, I've decided to leave the Beauty industry that I've spent an innumerable amount of energy, hours, and incredible experiences in. Like a bittersweet break-up, it is both sad and exciting. I feel that I followed my heart into hair, and I also am following it to leave it behind. I dream now of working with clothes, working within the industry, and turning my freelance creativity, journalism, and vision into an editorial career. I want to take Fashion further, further in Canada and further in the World; further than a Salon position would allow me. This is why I've been so absent lately - a lot of introspection, a lot of challenges to consider, and even more sensitivities between clients and myself. Though, I'm happy to say, most people have been outrageously supportive.

I plan to return to school this fall to learn and specialize in Fashion as an industry and business. My intention is to nurture what I've already learned in my years of working behind-the-chair both in Fashion and in-Salon, and to also learn more how the industry works and I where I can find my fit. I have dreams of working in Editorials and Editing, taking Fashion back to a time of opulent and striking visuals - I want my creativity, my writing, and my view of Fashion to be heard; and I am more than willing to put the work in that I need to. School will present me with the tools, and I can't even describe how excited I am to run with them after it's complete. With the start of a new direction into a new career, I have also decided to launch an exciting new project scheduled for a Fall/Winter release this year. A project that will re-define Fashion Media in Toronto and provide a source unlike any other. A project that will jump leaps and bounds ahead of an ordinary, innocent blog like this and into an arena of cutting-edge, high-end fabulousness. A project that will be the precursor to the beginning of the legacy I intend to leave in this industry.

I can't say what it is, and I can't jump ahead of myself. But, in all fairness, I just wanted everyone to know. This is why I've been quiet, this is where I'm headed, and this is what I'm creating. I hope you all join me on the journey.


Monday 22 April 2013

Published Session / VIVA FRIDA for COCO Magazine

Photography / Allysa Cervantes 
Makeup / Erin Heather
Hair / Dylan Dias
Wardrobe / Joanna Plisko
Featuring / Jovana (B&M)

Working with this team creating this spread was nothing short of magnificent! Total cohesion in execution, challenging work, fantastic visuals; creating VIVA FRIDA was as exhausting as it was rewarding. A great experience and one of my absolute favourite Sessions throughout my entire portfolio. I am so glad COCO shared this epic vision spearheaded by the incredible, adorable, charming, and wonderful Allysa Cervantes. View the Magazine Spread here, where you can also order it in print! More amazing Sessions to come! Keep it locked. #SupportLocalFashion


Hilary MacMillan at The Glass Factory / Fall 2013

Spring is creeping closer and closer - it's time for some serious Fashion! Just last week here in Toronto I had the privilege to attend the Runway debut of local designer Hilary MacMillian for her Fall 2013 Collection.

Premiering at The Glassy Factory just off the Queen West strip, MacMillan boasted an aesthetic that played with glistening gold textures and damask opulence in wearable, urban forms. Creamy, off-whites and rich blacks were dotted with bright, blood reds and cool beiges (a perfectly balanced palette of what Fall neutrals should be) in classic pencils skirts, tailored 50's-era coats, and light-weight trenches. We absolutely loved seeing gold take centre stage as it beamed forward from all that neutrality; and especially the intricacy of the gold, patterned in finely detailed textural sequins in trim and even full-body forms; adding glamour, richness, and a glitzy, 80's touch to a generally clean-cut aesthetic.

Accented with the lightest fabrics (what looked like it could've been soft Chiffon) and classic Fall textures like Fur and Leather; Hilary's showcase was strong, concise, and well executed. Congratulations on your Runway debut Hilary! Hope to see all you have to offer Toronto in the future.

All Images Courtesy Magnet Creative


Sunday 21 April 2013

The End of LABEL Clothing

It's with extreme regret that it's come to my attention that LABEL, one of my favourite local design houses (and one of the best Toronto has to offer) is closing it's doors. Robinson and Sydoruk are one of the most talented design teams in Toronto; and we've hailed them before - for their fantastic, urban aesthetic and deep-rooted commitment to sustainability in Fashion. They are a brilliant picture of the talent this city and country have to offer the industry, and it will be incredibly sad to see their iconic line, LABEL, discontinued.

It's unclear whether the team will pursue their own, individual futures within the design world in Toronto come the end of LABEL; but one thing is for certain, their talent will be missed by so many enthusiasts, like myself, who've been nothing but privileged to see the evolution of their work and the evolution of LABEL.

LABEL will be hosting a Closing Sale & Party in light of their decision to disband. It will be an amazing chance for everyone to not only bid farewell to the Fashion House, but to also get your hands on brilliant LABEL merchandise, the likes of which you won't be able to get again! The deals will undoubtedly be insane, with items starting as low as $20 and including pieces from Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 Samples. The sale will be ONE DAY ONLY and will be taking place next Thursday, April 25th, 2013 from 12 NOON - 11:00 pm at Levack Block (88 Ossington Avenue in Toronto). Be there!

Also, if by chance you happen to miss out on this incredible chance to score some rare LABEL gems, be sure to head over to our good friends at Homegrown Boutique! Being huge LABEL lovers and supporters since their beginning, Homegrown has a fine selection on some of the best LABEL pieces to date - they will not last!

Sad to see you go LABEL! Thanks for the awesome.


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