Monday, 30 April 2012

Toronto Fashion Incubator and 25 Years

TFI is celebrating their 25th Anniversary this week with a massive, glamorous Gala in the heart of the city! The Toronto Fashion Incubator is a non-profit organization that has consistently been an integral part of not only expanding Canadian talent, but supporting and nurturing the growth of new, young, local artists since 1987.

The event will take place under the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal at the ROM this Thursday, May 3rd, 2012. Touted as "an evening of spectacular fashion and glamour", TFI25 will surely be a glimmering event worth attending for anyone interested in the work this organization has done! The Gala is expected to include live performances, fashion shows, delicious food, and of course, fantastic networking opportunities from the who's who of Toronto's fashion and business sector.

Tickets are available online and are only up for one more day! Take it or leave it!


Lucian Matis Fall/Winter 2012 Official Video

The long-anticipated official video for the hugely successful Fall/Winter 2012 Collection from Lucian Matis has finally been released! The video is a beautiful, dragging composition that mirrors the symmetry within the pieces themselves; striking, regal, and epic in energy. Unfortunately, by request of the creators, embedding is disabled. Enjoy the film on YouTube by clicking the link below, or enjoy a fantastic, high-quality version here on Vimeo.

Filmed and edited by The New Beat, featuring the fantastic runway music from the show itself produced by the super-talented Neil Schmidt.


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

BlogTO + ▲ = Fashion

Great news! I've just been added to the BlogTO team to help cover Fashion News and Events in the city! Hopefully, with time, I can progress a bit further into fashion coverage and give the BlogTO demographic a more candid eye into the industry. Toronto is such a fantastic city; and I would just love to see fashion take a more prominent role in the cultural coverage of many of Toronto's major online news sources. A little joie-de-vivre never hurt anyone!

So, we're still here waiting for Spring aren't we? Just because it's cold doesn't mean you can't sport those great colours. Bridge the gap girls. Oh, and while you're at it, check out my Facebook page!

♥ ▲D

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Spring Eccentrics

Mad About Hue
By Max Abadian & Elizabeth Cabral for FLARE May 2012


Street Style by Daniel Goodbaum Feature #1

Daniel Goodbaum is a talented filmmaker from the city. Known for his quirky and quasi-food porn documentaries at Food Bomb, Daniel also puts together fantastic Toronto Street Fashion videos that feature real Torontonians from all over the city. This collection is one of my favourites and actually features a friend of mine, Judith, who I stopped on the street recently probably for the same reason that Daniel did. Judith is the fabulous women with that gorgeous fur hat and those beautiful ombré sunglasses; standing close to Capezio at what must be the corner of Bay & Bloor. She's been living in Yorkville for over 30 years and is a charming, stunning woman. 

Street Style 23 - Toronto from Daniel Goodbaum on Vimeo.

Daniel's videos are, for once, an interesting take on local trendsetters in the city. Too often do we see street fashion in Toronto featured at very safe, very marketable levels; not exposing enough some of the eclecticism and taste many inner-city professionals, kids, and artists have. This video is just a taste of some of his other work which I'd love to feature on my blog over time. Enjoy!


Monday, 16 April 2012

Zeum Magazine Spring 2012 Teaser // V1/I4

Zeum Mag, a quarterly publication out of Toronto that focuses on art, design, fashion, and the young artists who produce them; has just released their Spring 2012 teaser video. Soft patterns, transparent fabrics, and vintage neutrals dominate the video that is a clear homage to the youthful freedom the season promises. The magazine is tasteful and trendy, and I'm excited to pick up the issue during it's release on the 30th of the month!

V1/I4 SPRING 2012 TEASER from Zeum Magazine on Vimeo.


Jeanne Beker and the End of an Era

As everyone should know by now, Bell has recently suspended production of Fashion Television after 27 years at the forefront of the Canadian Industry. The news has come as quite a shock to much of the industry, though when you think about, it really shouldn't be. With the internet revolution continually evolving and fashion itself becoming larger and larger in this city, the Toronto-based powerhouse had significant competition coming from every corner of the media.

At it's prime, Fashion Television was the premiere broadcast of anything related to not only fashion in Canada, but fashion internationally; new designers, new artists, revolutionary shows, and the evolving aesthetic. Aired in over 160 countries and considered one of the first successful fashion broadcasts in history, Fashion Television was more than a program, it was a piece of Canadian media history. And at the helm of this fantastic, fabulous, flagship? Why, none other than Jeanne Beker, perhaps Canada's most prominent, most influential, and most significant Fashion Icon in this country's history.

Jeanne Beker, who's been a notable part of the evolving scene for over 20 years, quickly rose to significant fame as the host of Fashion Television during it's early beginnings in 1985. Through years of tireless work, writing, interviewing, and critiquing; Jeanne Beker built herself a powerful presence in the industry. Her words were significant enough to launch a young artist's design and alter their career forever, yet discerning enough to humble even the most sought-after fashion houses. It was she who almost single-handedly defined fashion in Canada, and more importantly, pulled focus to Toronto; a young, vibrant city bursting with artistic potential in a historic Fashion World that was already decades beyond it. It was she who pulled the famed spotlight on young, Toronto-based designers; giving them a voice, an outlet, and an opportunity for prominent exposure. And it was she who covered every event, critiqued and interviewed every designer, and made fashion important again in Canadian households all over the country; inspiring local talent to choose fashion and grow through her decades of influential work.

Beker, now 60, remains one of the strongest voices in the industry. To me, she is still as inspiring as ever. Ever fabulous, ever on trend, ever on-point, and ever so timeless. Her legacy through Fashion Television will forever be etched into the hearts of enthusiasts the world over, and her substance will never fade.

Although it is sad to see the icon fade from the helm of her television super-power, Beker remains adamant that she will continue new and exciting projects under Bell outside of the Fashion Television brand, but not outside of fashion. Not ever, I could only hope.


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Emily Woudenberg & EGO at FAT

Toronto Arts and Fashion Week (FAT) is almost here! 

Taking place this year from April 24th-28th, FAT is an incredible annual event in the city that promotes and encourages local artists; through fashion design, visual art, music, film, and performance, to express their contemporary visions of the season. It is an Arts Festival that is made by artists for artists, and features some of the city's best emerging talent.

One to look out for might be designer Emily Woudenberg, who will be showcasing her new Fall/Winter 2012 Collection at FAT on April 25th this year, entitled EGO. Tickets for all related FAT events are on sale at the Official Website, as well as dates, times, and location information. Be supportive, exciting, inspired, and most importantly, extraordinary! Be a part of Fashion/Art/Toronto!

Teaser Film by Adam Zivo


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Trending! CORAL for Spring 2012

Is Spring here yet? Toronto is still waiting for that warmth to creep in, but before it does, it's probably smart to plan ahead with a little Coral! We've already covered this season's hottest colour, Mint, but that shouldn't discourage anyone from experimenting with other popular colours of the season. Spring has given us a unique mix of pastel and power-pigment hues that range in everything from royal blue to lemon yellow! Neon is in in bold patterns and blocked colour; Coral is a part of that movement.

Coral is the second trending colour of the season. It started with McQueen not too long ago during the famous fashion house's Spring 2012 Collection. Splashes of both pastel and jeweled-toned Corals dominated the runway in everything from floral pumps to billowing dresses. The re-introduction of this tone, which was very popular last season, has sparked an uproar of new, bold designs that have filtered down into the consumerist market from the runways of the world's greatest designers.

Coral is fresh and feminine. It has hints of both pink and orange that give it a uniquely diverse quality. It can be neutralized with warm, beige tones as well as used as a power pigment when made bolder with brighter, more fuchsia tones. Everything from great shoes, to skirts, to slacks, to overcoats, and head-to-toe jumpsuits is fair game when using Coral for Spring! Like Mint, Coral is one of this seasons new faux-neutrals. Partner it with everything from soft oranges and deep pinks to true greens and bright yellows!

Coral and Mint, the two hottest colours of 2012, are also fantastic together! Experiment in new ways by using these Spring faux-neutrals to balance one another in clever, unique ways! A Coral dress grounded with a Mint belt, or fantastic turquoise jewelry accessorized over a Coral blouse are just a couple of easy examples.

Don't fear the pink, embrace Coral this season!


Monday, 9 April 2012

31 Hour Series by 3.1 Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim makes some of the greatest bags in the world. His leather work is phenomenal, eclectic, and evokes an urban luxury that is ultimate chic. Everything is oversized and on-point; and his superb 31 Minute Clutch/Bag in seasonal white is perhaps my most obsessed over item! A carry-all merged with a clutch, lightly textured leather and silver hardware? Oh, Phillip Lim, you had me at ombré!


3.1 Phillip Lim Online Boutique LAUNCH!!!

Thanks to the amazing and the awesome JayStrut, I've recently come to know that one of my favourite design houses, 3.1 Phillip Lim, has just launched their Online Boutique! The shop is available worldwide for international orders on some of Phillip Lim's best designs including, but not limited to, his incredible collection of ombré pieces from his Spring/Summer 2012 Men's Collection.

The boutique features Menswear, Womenswear, as well as an Accessories section that includes Lim's famous collection of carry-alls, totes, and leather satchels. I couldn't be more excited for this! Phillip Lim, as anyone who has been reading my blog should now, is one of my favourite young designers in the industry today. His aesthetic is always modern and crisp with classically tailored elements that are uniquely enhanced with subtle and creative characteristics. His clothes are the epitome of modern style and I am just fawning over everything his Online Boutique is offering for the season!

Also, in celebration of the opening of the 3.1 Phillip Lim Online Boutique, the fashion house is offering a special contest that will gift one lucky, and hopefully obsessed, shopper with a $3000 online spree! Fingers crossed on this end!

Shop today at 3.1 Phillip Lim and be fantastic this Spring!


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Trending! MINT for Spring 2012

It's finally here ladies and gents! Spring is dawning on us. Our cool temperatures are finally giving way to double-digits in Celsius, and the sun couldn't be brighter! So, what's this post all about? Trends of course!

Mint is the hottest colour of the season, it's time to embrace that cool, fresh glow! Everything from pastel Mints, to jewel-toned Mints, to more aqua-toned Mints and more blue, ice-toned Mints are all fair game. The colour is a refreshing departure of the sea of neutrals we've been seeing lately from not only many of the Spring collections last year, but as well as the dismal, stark palette of much of Fall/Winter.

White is still very much in season this year, as is black, but adding details of Mint in contrasting and complimentary elements could take your everyday look from seasonal to spotlight stunner. Add a heel of Mint, a bag, or a skirt to balance out the neutral elements of your outfit. Personally, I love seeing it in statement pieces; like a skinny pant in full Mint, a chunky heel, or an oversized carry-all. However, you can also be more subtle in your Mint choices! Mint jewelry can easily become a great faux-neutral that will pop with almost any jewel-toned blouse. It's also a fantastic colour for powerful accessories like a wrap scarf or a bold, turquoise ring!

Mint is also extremely versatile. It's naive to think that it can't be partnered with other hues in bold patterns, because Mint itself is a hue that can be found in hundreds of variations. So what's the problem with mixing Mint with Mint? None I say! Spring is about catharsis and liberation, explore your colour options! A pale, pastel-tinted Mint pump can still look totally fantastic with a bolder, jewel-toned Mint skirt. A light, aqua-tinted Mint scarf partnered with a bright, blue-toned Mint purse? Why not!

Spring is not just about embracing colours as they are, it's about playing with them. What colours work with your skin? What colours work together? And how can you make bold statements out of signature pieces? Take your time this season girls; just embracing the new and the exciting is a testament to your character and your ability to be at the forefront! Leave a lasting impression this season by using Mint as a staple in your wardrobe palette.

Monday, 2 April 2012

3.1 Phillip Lim // Men's Fall 2012

...the most inspired Men's Collection of the entire season, in my opinion. Phillip Lim, of 3.1 Phillip Lim, has been consistently incredible season after season. But perhaps I'm biased, because Lim seems to embrace an aesthetic that is also my opinion of ultimate style; so I've come to recognize his work as the epitome of such. However, regardless of what I think, anyone who has any semblance of knowledge in this industry will agree that Lim's superior forms; in taste, simplicity, and uniqueness, is almost unmatched in the Men's world. 

3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2012 Men's Runway Show from 3.1PhillipLim on Vimeo.

Razor cut and bold, Phillip Lim continues to make some of the most beautiful outerwear I've ever seen. Crisp whites that anchor sugary accents of turquoise and blue (spring colours!), as well as deep aubergines and scarlets (not unlike the palette of his Women's Collection of the same season) dominate this year. His knitwear is simple in texture and colour, but bolder and more interesting in shape. His leather vests are cut like trenches, but are shoulder-fitted to perfection; while the smallest details, like his elongated, wrap belts and bright red shoes, take the entire aesthetic to a whole new, creative level.

The thing about Lim that amazes me the most is his ability to create. Season after season, from Fall to Spring, from Men's to Women's, Lim manages to spearhead trends with incredible accuracy all while maintaining the ripest expression of his style. He manages to take classic, simple shapes that have worked and will always work, because they are eternal, and just tweak them in the slightest manner, and yet, unexpectedly so. A transparent mesh of mint over an overcoat, a textural vest over a trench, or a graphic pattern into an exaggerated clutch - made for women, adopted for men (I love it!).

Phillip Lim continues to change Men's fashion while maintaining it's powerful integrity. He creates pieces with lastability though they are creative-looking; new but old, in a sense, all the while celebrating his version of what style is. Because of this, and because of his uncanny ability to tie in palettes, shapes, and textures to create a fantastic unity between his Men's and Women's trends, he is unlike any other designer in the industry. Mr. Lim, you had me at ombré <3


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ezra Constantine Fall/Winter 2012 (50th Post!)

Ezra Constantine has, for a while, been a huge inspiration for me. Not only is the line headed by the brilliant Canadian talents of Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill (famously known for their powerhouse and main line, Greta Constantine) but it evokes a new silhouette, every season, for evolving menswear.

Feminine-inspired shapes and cuts add a new sense of movement to once rigid forms - rounded shoulders, a flowing torso, an oversized neckline; but are grounded by dark elements like textural leather, black, and metal. The result is a celebration of movement in a man that is no less masculine nor powerful, though it embraces feminine-inspired details. I find this incredibly interesting, intriguing, and liberating. It is not only refreshing to see in the men's fashion world, especially in the western world, but it is refreshing to see it come from Toronto.

Ezra Constatine is a prime example of the talent that sits in this country and, especially, in this city. There is serious potential coming out of new designers blossoming in a Canadian market that deserves more attention from it's Canadian consumers and distributors. Talent is more than execution, it is also vision, and Ezra, since it's early beginnings, has evoked nothing short of great vision. Wong and Pickersgill continue to be at the forefront of a changing industry and an evolving aesthetic with fierce potential.

Also, in slightly unrelated news, this is my 50th post for DylanInTheCity! Celebrate, Like, Share! Thanks!


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