Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Burberry Effect / Prorsum Womenswear + Menswear, Fall 2013

The Burberry Effect means more than the perfect trench; though, in reality, you could never do better than Burberry if that was your only concern. We're talking the greatest fabric on the planet. We're talking tailoring at a level that's museum-worthy. We're talking consistently re-imagined colours and silhouettes that somehow maintain the same principles of style, class, culture, and identity at the core of it's aesthetic. We're talking refinement, luxury, prestige, and presence all at the same time. Hmm, I guess we are talking about the perfect trench after all, aren't we? Well, look no further than Fall for the 2013 Season; we're talking Burberry Prorsum


The Oscars 2013 / Dress to Impress!

Who watched The Academy Awards this year!? Well, I suppose that's a silly question to start with. Chances are if you're a frequent reader of a Fashion Blog anywhere in North America you probably did; at least to get an idea of what was chic and what wasn't. A celebration of Film through fashion, art, dance, and song; The Oscars is easily the most glamorous annual television event ever. From the simplest gowns in the crispest whites to the boldest, most colourfully composed ensembles; The Oscars and it's Designer line-up is consistently one of the most anticipated Fashion Events of the year, regardless of the celebration of Film it actually represents.

I myself am an enormous lover of Film, ever since I was young. I feel like great Film is almost synonymous with great traveling; it can hit you on the inside and change the very core, the very energy, of how you live. I've seen films that have changed my life; because they are that powerful, or that poetic, or that candidly beautiful; in whatever subject they may be in. When masterfully composed, a fantastic film is not so different than the composition of a symphony, a Fashion Collection, or a fantastic book. I've said it before though, so I guess it's no real surprise to hear, that the Creatives are an interconnected entity of sorts. So, in other words, when I watch The Oscars, I watch The Oscars - it's total eye candy for me, from beginning to end. From the fantastic clothing to the privilege of seeing some of my favourite performers represent the films they are being honoured for; which coincidentally happen to be some of my favourite films of the year. The entire night is a hell of a treat, and this year's show was no exception. But! As in true Fashion Blog form, this post will be about the dresses! So suit up, it's going to get fabulous.

This is my list of the Best Dressed at the 85th annual Academy Awards this year; and I'll emphasize, it's in no particular order.

1 / Jessica Chastain

Resplendent in this absolutely stunning Armani PrivĂ© gown, Chastain is flawless. From her red lips to her strawberry hair, to the stunning Champagne of the gown; flowing crisply to the floor and cut with the subtlest edge of intersecting lines and forms - taking what would normally be a very pretty beige gown to a visually spectacular piece. Gorgeous!

2 / Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is the personification of sublime in her absolutely impeccable Dior Haute Couture gown. Bathed in the crispest, milk white; Theron exudes a refined elegance that features one of this Season's hottest trends - the peplum!

3 / Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried does not disappoint in this beautifully embroidered pastel masterpiece! A custom creation from Alexander McQueen, Seyfried's elegance carries with it a slight edge. We love the neckline! One of our favourites of the night.

4 / Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler was resplendent in this floor length stunning Naeem Khan dress at the Oscars. The folding metallic shapes and textural details were a Seasonal hit (lots of metallic!) and the addition of a slick, black belt to cinch everything in is the perfect accessory. One of the chicest on the carpet, Stacy definitely surprised us this year! Fantastic.

5 / Adele

There is no denying the beauty of Adele. The songstress was an absolute gem on the Red Carpet in her brilliant, black, and sparkling Jenny Packham gown. Cinched at just the right point and brought together by those gorgeous, smokey eyes; Adele looked fabulous!

6 / Jennifer Aniston

Aniston was incredible in her stunning and strapless Valentino gown this year! Wow, a masterpiece of a Collection (we wrote about it here!) and it looks absolutely brilliant on her. One of our favourites of the entire night - Aniston needs no embellishment to make this dress shine.

7 / Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence was easily one of the most beautiful women on the Red Carpet in her not-quite-white, absolutely stunning Dior dress. The Best Actress winner was easily a stand-out from the entire crowd, exuding a princess-like beauty that was unforgettably refined.

8 / Anne Hathaway

One of my favourite Actresses (and the Winner of Best Supporting Actress this year!) Anne Hathaway looked soft and sublime in this subtle, pink Prada. A surprising choice for Hathaway, who was initially reported to wear a bold Valentino that night, the gown is an example of how beautiful something so simple can be. She looked wonderful.

9 / Amy Adams

Amy Adams was perhaps one of the most resplendent stars on the Red Carpet this year in her powdery, silvery-blue Oscar de la Renta gown. Probably the most classic dress worn this year, the gown accentuates Adams' stunning beauty; both timeless and effortless at the same time. Brilliant.

10 / Halle Berry (Best Dressed!)

This year my choice for Best Dressed at the Oscars is going to none other than the incomparable and beautiful Halle Berry. Looking absolutely on fire in her custom-created Versace gown, Berry exudes a beauty that is both chic and a little futuristic at the same time! We absolutely love the metallic elements, the intersecting pinstripes that cut her body just perfectly, and that gorgeous plunging neckline. Berry looked fabulous from every possible angle in this stunning gown; and stood out entirely from the every other star that night. Beautiful! Well done Halle!

There you have it! The best of the best, what's your opinion? Let me know below, especially if you think maybe I overlooked someone who deserved to be on this list! Until next year, happy Oscars!


Beyond The LIM IT / 3.1 Fall 2013 #Womenswear

This post is long-overdue blogosphere! The incomparable Phillip Lim give us perhaps my favourite Fall Collection this year - littered with blocked and bright leathers, fantastic trenches, glossy pants, and urban knitwear. A Collection that boasts an aesthetic that is so Lim - with the right amount of streamlined chic and the right amount of youthful street style.

I am beyond obsessed with the coats in this Collection. Phillip Lim for Fall is always so architecturally pristine - with an 80's flare for the dramatic; the turquoise and beige overcoats exude a New York flair that is super-chic. Beyond that it has to be the pants and the boot wear - bagged leather, textured and cut with a bold shape. The lines, overlapped textures, and layered pieces are visually brilliant and an urban nod to a little but of 90's as well, if you can see it! The layering of line and colour remind me of a diverse cityscape; and it's held together by a fantastic, stark, and seasonally-sound palette of slate greys, whites, camels, and glossy blacks. A visual symphony of proportion, line, texture, and colour - I wish I could wear it all, especially that turquoise-on-a-teal-edge overcoat. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

I know I post a lot about Phillip Lim, but represent his work is almost a must for me. He is, as I've said before, one of the most impeccable and talented modern designers in the world right now, despite his young age and relatively short career thus far. His taste is consistently and elegantly on-point season after season; and the construction of his pieces, beyond just the tailoring alone, is always a masterful composition of form, colour, and texture. It's as if he is creating incredible buildings that you can both appreciate from a distance and right up-close, in terms of grandeur and presence as well as the finest detailing. I could own every piece in this entire Collection. Bravo!


Saturday, 23 February 2013

ReMARCAble Feature with Marca College / #BeReMARCAble

So happy and so thrilled to be featured as a Success Story on Marca College of Hair & Esthetics' Official Website (the Beauty School that started me on this industry path). Have a gander at my little write up! Featuring a minor summary of my work and, hopefully, doubling as a bit of inspiration to future Marca hopefuls. Marca College was much more than just a school for me - before I knew it, it changed my life. Slowly, and then exponentially, transforming my character completely, honing my skills, and thrusting me into an entirely new life from the moment I stepped out of it's doors.

Here's to you Marca, thanks for the feature and even more so for the memories.

Read my Success Story here.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

KAWAII Sneak Peek with Allysa Hollywood

I was just on set two days ago with a fantastic team to put together the vision of powerhouse Fashion Photographer Allysa Hollywood! I usually don't update about Editorials until they come into completion; but we had such a great time working together creating some absolute magic that I had to partake in this teaser pic posted by Allysa on her own website.

KAWAII is meant to be a unified clash of bright colours, textures, and the glory of youth; taking inspiration from Japan-esque loudness and the urbanity of true Street Style. Featuring select pieces from talent like Caitlin Power and Love Thy Fitted; the aesthetic took the best of Spring in seasonal sheer, contrasting print, and power pigments - layered, layered, and layered. Styled by the enigmatic and brilliant Beaucoup duo Godfrey Mensah and Tolu Ogundare, with Makeup by the awesomely talented Geneva Fong and Hair by myself, of course. The spread featured Brodie from ELITE who was stellar and was captured entirely by Allysa Hollywood with the assistance of Toni Ekunah.

Can't wait to see where this spread will end up when it's complete! There are a lot more exciting Editorials coming my way that I also can't wait to share with you all, including some fantastic Magazine publications! Much love to all my creative friends who make this possible!


Thursday, 14 February 2013

#LETYOURSELFGO with HUDSON Jeans / Spring 2013 InstaCampaign ♥

HUDSON Jeans has just launched perhaps the most inventive, clever, and interactive Spring Campaign ever - and it's fantastic fun! As part of the release of HUDSON's highly anticipated and awesome Spring 2013 Collection; the #LETYOURSELFGO InstaCampaign is a whimsical and ingenious idea that uses Instagram as an advertising platform that includes the very audience it targets! In other words, you create the Campaign and you live the look!

Kicking off in the birthplace of style, Georgia May Jagger sits at the helm of the Campaign, capturing personal moments with her friends and family to express what HUDSON's iconic mantra means to her. Along with Jagger is a series of enigmatic and powerhouse Bloggers, Influencers, and Public Figures all doing the same - taking what #LETYOURSELFGO means to them and re-creating it, re-imagining it, and re-delivering it through Instagram and the spirit of HUDSON Jeans. And the best part? You can join in too. Instagram is an artistic and constantly evolving public forum, which is why I love this idea so much! HUDSON has created a living Campaign; become a part of that movement! Upload your photos, your moments, and even your outfits with the hashtag #LETYOURSELFGO and let HUDSON know what the spirit of liberation means to you. Become automatically entered into a massive contest as well; with a chance to win exclusive SS13 denim, cash prizing, a feature in the campaign, and even the chance to fly to London where it all began. 

HUDSON has never been shy to include not only Social Media in their marketing but an infectious spirit of whimsy and youth. Similar to the fantastic success of their 10th Anniversary Collection and Campaign (which we loved too!), HUDSON is quick to embrace the music, art, and movement of urban youth; evoking liberation, freedom, and colour in a medium that goes beyond just their fantastic denim. So, what are you waiting for?




Tuesday, 12 February 2013

In-Studio with Heather Lawton at New York Fashion Week! / #NYFW

After having the privilege of seeing first-hand Heather Lawton's fantastic debut Collection at New York Fashion Week, I had the chance to meet her in person at her Studio in Chelsea. I was accompanied by our production team (those of whom I am collaborating on this new film project with) to interview her, see and feel some of her incredible Collection pieces, as well as talk about this new collaboration we've been working on.

Heather was an absolute pleasure to meet and chat with. Not only is her aesthetic fiercely bold and totally on-point seasonally; but she is a charming, creative, and passionate designer totally devoted to taking her line to the highest ranks possible. Hailing from Canada, premiering in Toronto, and finding growing success in New York; Lawton embodies a vibrant energy that is personified in her immaculate clothing; exceptionally detailed, boldly shaped, and cut with laser precision. Not only did we have a moment to connect, but I even got to try on some of her brilliant pieces! The only words I can think of when touching a staple Lawton piece are chic, edge, and tundra! It's animality meets urbanity; flowing fabrics and billowing textures - everything I adore!

This new collaboration we are working on will feature select pieces from Lawton's previous Collections, evoking the energy and feel of her clothing in a visually impactful art-house film. Playing with light and darkness, shadows and silhouettes, and the concept of duality; we hope to create a provocative short that reflects the enigmatic characteristics of Heather Lawton's iconic design sense. We are filming before the end of the month! And I am so excited to share with all of you what we come with. We are hopeful to premiere at Toronto Fashion Week and re-solidify Heather's presence in Canada as a fresh, new, youthful designer with a killer look.

Wish us luck!


Monday, 11 February 2013

Leather Vision / Heather Lawton Fall 2013 #NYFW

Hello Winter! I see you've not spared Toronto a single bit since I've been gone! But it's all good; 'tis the Season for Fashion, right? As you've probably guessed, I'm back from a fantastic week in New York City for Fashion Week. I hope you all joined me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to keep up-to-date on all the fabulous; after all, there was quite a bit. From the dense, sparkling streets of Manhattan, to the industrial lofts in Chelsea, to the boutiques of SoHo - we had a brilliant time, thank you New York! I'll be seeing you again soon, I'm sure. You can read about my experiences in NY more in-depth on my sister-site, DylanInTheWorld.

Toni Francis, Myself, and Jossyl Bacalla at Heather Lawton's Event in NYC.

Now, onto the Fashion. Who was as obsessed with Heather Lawton's presentation as I was? Pretty difficult not to be. We were invited to attend her first NYFW Presentation at Studio450; a tucked-away, inner-city loft at W 31st and 9th. The entire gallery was a wicked, bright open-concept space that masterfully blended the edged, industrial elements of the building (not to mention the incredible view of Manhattan) with the stark, cold, bareness of the design - Winter branches, white as snow bleakness, and the dark palette of the Collection itself. It was a presentation that acted more like a gallery of fine portraits. Enthusiasts were invited to drink, chat, socialize, and admire the aesthetic of Lawton's rich designs in a friendly and touchable voyeuristic atmosphere using live models.

Rich, dark leather, obtusely-formed new silhouettes, and over-sized outer wear dominated Lawton's diverse and enthralling aesthetic. If any of my readers know me at all, they know that I'm obsessed with anything and everything Fall Fashion - big scarves, dramatic knitwear, and coats! You can never have too many fabulous coats! I adored Lawton's incredibly dramatic, almost cape-like coats; draping completely over the model, either in the front or all over, much like a wrap. It was almost like mixing the elements we love so much about move-able scarves and knits and turning them into a shaped coat; creating new, purposeful cuts that took the eye on a journey of new silhouettes. I am absolutely digging this trend of over-sized, over-fabulous, and over-covered. I've seen it evolve over the past year in this industry and I'm still not tired of it! It's so inner-city urban meets Winter tundra; fabulously trekking through the trials of a concrete jungle? Survival of the fittest no doubt, especially in New York! Skinny cut pants and leggings were a perfect, chic balance to all the dramaticism happening up-top; from billowing, fur stoles to lion mane-esque, neck-hugging shawls.

But all the obtuse forms, though brilliant, did not outshine the classic elements of this same presentation. Lawton is quite genius when it comes to the details of her tailoring; and all you really need to do is touch, feel, and really look to see all the brilliance of one her perfectly cut leather jackets; and all of a sudden, it's magic! Perfectly shaped, perfectly cut, and perfectly fitted pieces were the true majesty of this Collection; sitting in silent brilliance behind the visually dominating, bolder elements. As a matter of fact, perhaps my favourite piece from Lawton's entire Fall 2013 Showcase was a stand-alone, stand-out, hot pink Moto Jacket made out of the most luxurious, supple leather. It was like butter to touch and like candy to look at; absolutely divine. The chic simplicity of something like this is what will always be remembered in a proper Collection, because it actually works. This is something that wears the same way that it looks on the model and on the rack, chic and sharp from beginning to end. A stunning, on-point, on-trend, and perfectly composed Collection. Congratulations on all your success Heather! And all the success you will undoubtedly find in New York in the future. I am privileged to be working with someone so fresh, new, and exciting; and I can't wait to see where this new project will take me.

The collaboration we are working on will be taking place very soon in Toronto featuring some of Heather's most iconic and memorable designs from her previous Collections. Keep your eyes locked on DylanInTheCity for everything that will be evolving out of it, and especially come Toronto Fashion Week, where we hope to premiere! Only 1 month away, are you ready? View Heather Lawton's entire Fall/Winter 2013 Collection at New York Fashion Week right here at Women's Wear Daily.


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