Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The HUDSON Cabaret Launch Party at Parlour! #FLARE

We've been in a tizzy (and we're not the only ones!) ever since HUDSON Jeans launched their brilliant new campaign in honour of their 10th Anniversary as a leader in Fashion and Denim. Featuring the iconic Georgie May Jagger at the helm of the brand, HUDSON continues their fabulous streak with everything from colour-blocked denim, to tuxedo skinny's, to graphic printed velvet in their new Signature Collection. DylanInTheCity's been there, read about it here!

Last night in the heart of Toronto, HUDSON Jeans (in partnership with FLARE) hosted their prim and electric Launch Party to celebrate this new direction and campaign; dubbed The Hudson Cabaret. I was privileged enough to be included in the event; and I spent the evening enjoying the company of some of the industry's best as well as seeing first-hand some of HUDSON's fantastic new looks, and meeting some of the amazing people behind the brand itself.

Lauren from HUDSON, who was charming and wonderful to speak with last night, was quick to point out how appropriate it was for HUDSON to put a Launch together in an intimate, private lounge in the city - explaining that the HUDSON look is not only a celebration of Fashion liberation, so to speak; but also of individuality, art, and expression. It isn't surprising for me in the least; considering the whimsy of Georgie May Jagger and the Artistic Direction behind some of their fantastic campaign footage. HUDSON pays attention to Social Media and the power behind free images. It really is a wonderful thing to see from a growing company like HUDSON - it's intelligent, purposeful, appealing, and easily accessible all at the same time.

Here are some fantastic images of The #HUDSONCabaret Launch Party last night at Parlour!
Courtesy of The Mint Agency (Thanks Tys!) Photo Credit to Ryan Emberley /

Plus! An obligatory shot of me and my HUDSON swag! A fantastic, printed graphic tote in HUDSON Denim that I'm absolutely in love with. 

Look for the HUDSON Signature Collection this Fall popping up all over Toronto. You'll find it easy at HOLTS around the city, but be sure to also check out Over the Rainbow in Yorkville. Not only are they planning to carry HUDSON; but some fantastic window displays should be coming together really soon according to the brand. #LetYourselfGo


Monday, 27 August 2012

Ajak Deng is a Metallic Phenom #Obsessed

I've worshipped Ajak Deng for a while. The Sudan-born, Melbourne-based model is one of the strongest, boldest faces in the industry; and has walked for everyone from Chloe, to Lanvin, to Givenchy, to Marc by Marc ever since her breakout at Paris Fashion Week in 2010. She also happens to be an incredibly talented Editorial model and, since her launch, has participated in some of the best Editorial spreads in North America and beyond.

City Dweller features Deng in an industrialized landscape of intersecting lines, stark monochromatics, and reflective metals and textures. There is an obvious juxtaposition to the robotic nature of her imagery set against an evolving and ironically organic urban landscape; but what's more interesting is that she is the object rather than the subject. She isn't the human, she is the building. She is the architecture and the statue, and in that, almost alien. Shot by Julia Noni and Styled by Barbara Loison for Obsession Magazine, Deng is stoic and powerful in Couture Chanel, Balmain, Balenciaga, and Prada. 

Photos courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue

30 Sexy Years with GUESS and Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer first appeared with GUESS in 1989 as the figure head of new denim. As a result of the massively successful campaign, Schiffer launched her career as a super model mogul as effectively as GUESS themselves as a name in Fashion. In celebration of 30 Years in the industry, GUESS has re-launched their brand with a Signature Collection called Capsule; and at the helm? None other than Schiffer herself, 42 and still fabulously owning the line. Shot on location in Sorrento, Italy by longtime collaborator Ellen von Unwerth under the Creative Direction of Paul Marciano; CEO of GUESS

Guess what's sexy?

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sid Neigum Appreciation Day

We all know the amazing Sid Neigum - fresh, Canadian talent, TFI 2012 Winner, young visionary - has a permanent place in my heart. It's designers like him, from our part of the world, that are creating more than simple Fashion; they are Fashion. On days off like this I do little else than gawk over beautiful things, so here's one more; still relevant and still seasonal.


In related news, according to the Official Facebook Page, Sid Neigum Spring 2013 is on sale. Oh, if only it could be me buying those incredible pieces! Or, really, even just to see them. So, why not have a gander?


Monday, 20 August 2012

Nadine Naue For FGR // Friday May Eleventh // #RED

I'm obsessed with RED this season. I don't know why, I just have this itch that it's going to be, or should be, the next power colour. I know we're going through the motions of black leather, knitwear, iconic gold & silver hardware, and crisp whites as we head into Fall/Winter 2012 - but there's just something about RED. Bold, powerful, passionate, loud; it's unforgiving and stunning all the same. And I think I really want to see that with Fashion, or maybe I just wish I could see it all the time, because that's just me. RED in itself, as overbearing as it is, is almost the colour of colours. The red dress, red lips, red hair - synonymous with fire, sunshine, beauty, love, lust, and life. Wearing red is like sounding the alarm, being a siren. It evokes unforgiving assurance, confidence, and strength - but at the same time; can still be sexy, soft, feminine; should you choose it to be.

I've never been more in love with red on red on red, and I just wish I could turn it into some fantastic collection to make the world see RED new again. Anyways, we'll see what Fashion Week here in Toronto (fast approaching!) churns out for the new season, I just might not be the only one who feels this way.

Nadine Naue, in a fantastic New York Editorial by Zoltan Tombor, celebrates RED this season. Will you?

Friday May Eleventh

Styled by Edina Heath
Beauty by Pascale Poma
Featuring Nadine Naue of Q Model Management


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fashion's Night Out 2012 x Toronto

Before I start I need to hand it off to DaintyGirl for letting me in on this! I honestly had no idea this event was coming to Toronto until she posted it through her fantastic lifestyle blog of the same name. Now! Let's get to the gritty. FNO (Fashion's Night Out) is coming to Toronto! Yes, the New York City-based nightly event of fashion, fabulousness, and of course, retail, is finally hitting the streets of the Big Smoke.

What to expect? What not to expect! Retailers across the city are participating this year with fantastic deals on some of their best merchandise. Everything from Designer Exclusives to In-Store promotions are expected; including nightly soirĂ©es, contests, Designers appearances, cocktail events, and beauty advice from at least 20 of Toronto's freshest retailers. 

The event itself started 4 years ago as a way to boost the industry's economy; and encourage and celebrate fashion - building consumer confidence in the market as a whole. Some of the retailers taking part in Toronto's version include Yorkdale Mall, RAC Boutique, Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI), Holt Renfrew, and a slew of others hosting events across some of our most famous fashion strips - Queen West, Yorkville & Bloor St., King West.

This year FNO will be taking place on September 6th, 2012, coincidentally the very first day of TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival. The event typically starts around 6:00pm and continues until the late evening. Empty those coin purses!

Click Here for a full list of participating retailers (so far) in Toronto.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Dainty Girl's VIP Event at Homegrown!

This past Thursday evening I had the privilege and opportunity to drop by Homegrown Boutique, my favourite little spot on Cumberland, for Dainty Girl's VIP Shopping Party! Creator of Dainty Girl, the stunning Nicole Wilson is a passionate lifestyle blogger for all things Toronto, beauty, fashion, and dainty!

Nicole Wilson of DaintyGirl.Ca

Featuring pieces by incredible local designers like Emily Woudenberg, Sarah Stevenson, Travis Taddeo, and Fredrick Prince; Homegrown + Dainty Girl's VIP party gave readers the chance to purchase retail at a fantastic discounted price while sipping on champagne, trying on clothes, getting their nails done, and of course, eating delicious, dainty treats. DaLish Cosmetics, a locally produced line of beauty products, provided everything from discounted items, to makeup advice, to mini-makeovers! And Bio Seaweed Gel treated all us fabulous guests to complimentary Gel Manicures.

Fredrick Prince Jewelry

Zoran Dobric

I had a wonderful time not only meeting Nicole for more than a brief moment; but also chatting with a great group of trend hoppers, industry execs, fashion lovers, and designers. The evening was lush and another great event to promote and celebrate the local talent (not only in design - but in fashion lifestyle, writing, and product development) in our city.

Melissa of Fredrick Prince & I

Nicole and Michelle, owner of Homegrown Boutique

Congratulations on a wonderful and fun event.


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Welcome to the HUDSON Cabaret V2 / Launch Party!

The LEELOO is here! Fab? I do say so, yes!

And what better way to kick off HUDSON's growing Anniversary celebrations than with a fantastic Launch Party in the heart of the city! I got my invitation in the mail today and I couldn't be more excited! Maybe I'll see you there? Look for the pink triangle boys and girls! Here's to HUDSON and 10 more years of great denim.


Denis Gagnon Fall/Winter 2012-2013

It's almost impossible for me to speak about Denis Gagnon, and I mean that wholeheartedly, though it might sound a bit odd. But I'm completely serious - to attempt to summarize the majesty of his work is like trying to explain the thought-process behind Michelangelo's sculptural work - it's too great. And forgive me if that's too powerful to say.

I simply cannot get over Gagnon's Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Collection - and you shouldn't either, since the season for this incredible work is fast-approaching! And what better time than in preparation for Toronto Fashion Week? The black on black on black is ultimately divine, and the leather work (Gagnon's medium!) + knitwear is astoundingly beautiful. The shapes, the new silhouettes, the pants! Did you see those incredible pants?! Everything is pristinely on-point for the season but carries a raw edge that is so purely Denis. It's industrial, it's chic, it's urban, it's brooding, and it's so sharp. This is an example of that rare moment where fashion transcends fashion itself - when it becomes greater than the looks and the trends of the season that surround it.

Denis Gagnon is one of Canada's greatest designers and is one of the most talented and imaginative minds out of the modern era of Fashion in North America. I can say no more than that. Give me Denis and call it life <3


Going Gaga for Vogue

Ok, before I start rambling about all the crazy that's been going on...can we just take a moment to appreciate this absolutely stunning cover? Lady Gaga on the cover of September's VOGUE in a jaw-dropping Marc Jacobs mermaid gown in the most brilliant hot fuchsia! I'm sorry, but this probably her most glamorous and powerful Editorial Cover she's ever done. Knockout! I can't wait to see the spread.

Insta-Dylan / @TheDylanDias


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