Monday, 29 October 2012

World MasterCard Fashion Week Day 3 / Lucian Matis #Spring2013

Lucian Matis never ceases to inspire, amaze, and totally engage me in his Seasonal Runway Presentations. His Fall/Winter 2012 Collection at the Fairmont Royal York in March was hands down the best of the Season during Toronto Fashion Week. This Season, for Spring 2013, he's given us yet again something new and fantastic. Consistently tasteful and immaculately produced; his works, though intensely varied in aesthetic, always boast strong and powerful femininity. That is, for the bold and sophisticated woman. It is confidant and on-point yet always with substance - unsurprising from the local mogul.

A unique and characteristic departure from many designers this Season, Matis takes a page out of the colours of Spring, and pushes aside the mediocrity of a monochromatic palette. Bold, geometric patterns echo the trends of the Season by use of lines and colour as opposed to fabric. Mirrored vectors and blocked hues in beautifully clashing variations were opening stunners. The soft movement of his long, flowing gowns were as innocent as a Maxi; made interesting and powerful with colour, bold shoulders and short sleeves. It's brilliant and, once again, a nod to a time of retro freedom; something we've been seeing spark here and there throughout the Runways of the world lately. It is quite refreshing.

I absolutely loved the hints and blips of neutrals, sheer, and leather that peaked out of this presentation as well. These Seasonally on-point elements added a dimension to the Collection as beautifully poignant as the peplums that graced them. And of course, my absolutely favourite - the red! Finally, it's time we've seen some red this Season. I said before that I felt like it could be the next IT colour, and I'm so happy to see Matis play with it, even if just for a little. The ornate, damask-esque lines speak of a Victorian refinement that is very Matis; adding that hint of sophistication and regalness his Collections are famous for (and coincidentally what I adore them for). A masterpiece and a vision; I loved it. Thank you Lucian! What a show!


Friday, 26 October 2012

World MasterCard Fashion Week Day 2 / Mélissa Nepton #Spring2013

A delicate celebration of movement and stunning sheer fabrics was Mélissa Nepton at Toronto Fashion Week just recently. Ephemeral and bright beach wear with a touch of a 60's-era orthogonal palette dominated Nepton's showcase; which was soft, charming, and an unpretentious nod to the ease of Summer.

I absolutely loved the way Nepton, like many designers we've seen this season, incorporated her sheer fabric into the full silhouette of many of her pieces - choosing not only to create sheer elements, but sheer outfits all together. The geometric cut-outs are huge for Spring and Nepton is also no exception to the charge - boasting both interesting and flattering rectangles and triangles in colour-blocked compositions, plunging necklines, and perimeter edging details.

Rounding out the aesthetic of the presentation saw Nepton return to some of the strongest staples of the Season: the monochromatics of Spring. An array of flowing black and white sheer were mesmerizing to me. I absolutely loved the rich, dark elements with the billowing movement of so many of her over-sized pieces. It was dramatic but soft, luxurious but easy; and makes me salivate at the idea of wearing any of these pieces on vacation at some fantastic beach - although I probably couldn't do it! Shame, indeed. Nepton, you make me jealous, but you have taste all the same. Very beautiful.


Photos Courtesy George Pimentel

Thursday, 25 October 2012

World MasterCard Fashion Week Day 2 / Ashtiani #Spring2013

Ashtiani by Golnaz Ashtiani was one of the most tasteful, seasonally sound Collections at Fashion Week on Day 2. A perfectly composed amalgamation of some of the best trends of the Season; Ashtiani embraced beautiful, sheer fabrics, strong, geometric forms, a crisp palette, and a return to the re-emergence of chic athletic wear.

 Some of the cleanest pieces we've seen have come from this modest Studio presentation in Toronto. I absolutely love the pink-tinged sheer organza that graced many of her designs. The soft movement of the fabric against the edged lines of her triangles and rectangles created bold, visual patterns that were flattering to the form but unique to the eye. Over-sized pants were a staple this season, and Ashtiani was no exception; presenting billowing resort-like softness in pastel pinks, beiges, and warm whites. And we can't ignore the general aesthetic of the showcase and it's mod flair; a nudge to a 60's era girl. Retro-chic but softer, more feminine, and much, much cleaner forms. A beautiful and tasteful Collection - congratulations Ashtiani!


Photos Courtesy George Pimentel

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Collections / Sid Neigum #Spring2013

Can we talk for a moment about Sid Neigum? I know I rarely shut up about this incredible Canadian designer; but for good reason, I assure you. Taking a step outside of Fashion Week this Season, Neigum presented his soft and statuesque Spring 2013 Collection at The Collections. We were already up in arms at the ShOws over Braganza and Laing, and Neigum's showcase in no exception to the awesome.

Clean, sharp, and pattern-less were an interesting departure from collections we've seen recently this Season. As opposed to the textural and hard-cut shapes many designers were belting out for Spring; Neigum's take seems to rely more on the shape of the silhouette as a whole, allowing the natural texture of the fabric to play a much larger role. We are left with a sophisticated nakedness that is far less loud then what we've seen recently, yet just as powerful. Mmm, and it's good.

#WMCFashionWeek / Did You Miss It? / Holt Renfrew Spring 2013 Trends

Holts opened World MasterCard Fashion Week with a presentation of their featured Spring 2013 trends and a slurry of fantastic, Canadian talent. Celebrating 175 Years of Fashion prestige, Holts is a Canadian-made, Canadian-owned superpower that has been known to establish and support brilliant, local talent. 

Beginning modestly in the mid 1800's, Holts quickly grew to become one of the most sought-after retail empires in the world; holding exclusive accounts with some of the greatest designers in Europe, including the likes of Christian Dior during "New Look". Holts is now Canada's premiere destination of High-Fashion retail and some of the best in Canadian design.

#175ofHolts / Hot@175

#WMCFashionWeek / Did You Miss It? / PAVONI

Because World MasterCard Fashion Week is awesome, and because Pavoni is already a little legendary.
Watch their entire showcase from Day 1 at Fashion Week below!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

World MasterCard Fashion Week Day 1 / Pink Tartan #Spring2013

Welcome to World MasterCard Fashion Week! One week, twice a year, when Toronto glows as the epicentre of the Canadian Fashion Market. Featuring brilliant local designers (with a few international exceptions!), notable influencers from every corner of the industry; as well as the fierce and fabulous enthusiasts, writers, Editors, and models that come out for the amazing presentations, after parties, and showcases that make Toronto Fashion Week the second-largest of its kind in North America (behind only New York). Opening night began yesterday here in the city with Holt Renfrew, famed Canadian Fashion House Pink Tartan, and Montréal-born kings of regality, Pavoni.

Opening Fashion Week as the first local designer showcase, Pink Tartan boasted baby-doll inspired silhouettes and almost retro-chic cuts ranging from the young lady to the sophisticate. Sugary pastels and stunning metallics were a refreshing departure from Tartan's rich, textural, power-pigmented Fall Collection from just last season.

The real majesty of Pink Tartan's work, for me at least, is her use of fabric. The choices always seem so rich and brilliant, where the simplest cigarette pant or patterned blouse feels expensive, immaculately tailored, and luxurious for such a well-designed Prét-à-Porter line. An adorable and crisp way to start off Spring for the 2013 Season.


Photos Courtesy George Pimentel

Maison Martin Margiela x H&M / First Look!

I first saw this on fellow brilliant blogger JayStrut's online home and I couldn't contain myself! If this is a taste of what we can expect from MMM x H&M then I am already obsessed with the possibilities! Those over-sized pants and jeans are driving me nuts! I think they are so retro 90's, and so re-imagined punk; I love it. And I know I don't have the frame for them...and that drives me even more nuts. Margiela is a phenom of expression; and to have any one of his pieces, any one of his creations evoking that aesthetic in my hands at an affordable rate? I really can't say anything else. I'll be in line in New York if I have to be.


Monday, 22 October 2012

The ShOws Day 2 / Jeremy Laing #Spring2013

Closing night at the ShOws saw Canadian-born, design-phenom and all around brilliant guy Jeremy Laing deliver his Spring 2013 Collection. I should also mention that the sheer amount of people at the ShOws seemingly tripled between Azzuolo and Laing within an hour or so; it's easy to see the influence and presence Laing has in the community, and it comes as no surprise. I was lucky enough to snag a seat in a literally over-flowing Runway room! Everyone was in presence - from past models to the Editors and Execs from some of our favourite magazines, to famous bloggers and other brilliant designers, to notable public figures. Everyone wanted a piece of Laing, and I can't blame them, I mean, it's Jeremy Laing. I almost had a heart attack during the Braganza show when he stood beside me! Anyways, let's get to the beauty.

Jeremy Laing's Spring 2013 showcase was a cut-up, silvery embrace of what at first seemed like post-apocalyptic sportswear. Schoolgirl atheltics met with flowing satins, geometrically layered tunics and shorts, and metallic moments like snap button closures and meshed textures. The feel of the Collection became neo-grunge solely because of the baggy fits and flat palette; a clear embrace of deep greys, blacks, dirty whites, and bright, textural gunmetals. It was actually quite cool, and I wished I could see more silvery gunmetal run through the collection as a whole; I thought it added the right amount of visual interest to many of his interesting fabric elements - the vented dresses, geometrically embroidered tops, and crushed satins.

As usual, the pieces embraced a lot of movement for Spring but were meticulously constructed. The geometric elements were extremely bold because they were sharp and immaculate; a testament to Laing's undeniable attention to detail and form. Every line had a purpose; the eye has to travel as Vreeland would say. 

In the end, Jeremy Laing's Spring 2013 Collection at the ShOws was one of the clear showstoppers; met with a grand ovation as it left the Runway. The clothing was high-fashion, high-statement, and yet maintained that youthful, schoolgirl effortlessness that creeps in subtly with soft fabrics, baggy shorts, and that brilliant neo-punk hair. It's almost alternative in a new way, in an expensive way; and fiercely embraces those grunge elements from the 90's in a cool re-interpretation. Happy to be there, ecstatic to see it first. Thank you Jeremy Laing!


Photos Courtesy BlogTo

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The ShOws Day 2 / Antonio Azzuolo #Spring2013

Antonio Azzuolo's Spring presentation at the ShOws this season was, in the essence of a.a., a masterpiece of immaculate tailoring. The stars of the show - his jackets, blazers, and pieced suits - were masculine, crisp, and evoked refreshing class. Playing on a seasonally on-point palette of soft neutrals accented with bursts of pigment here and there, Azzuolo's showcase was an amalgamation of the urban man as well as the professional man - taking into stride the transitions of both, from one to the other, quite literally at times.

Schoolboy Bermudas and crisp knitwear were some of the resort-like staples Azzuolo played on this season. Spring-time whites and creams, accented with bursts of royal hues like red, blue, and pink. Laser cut sport coats and loose slacks were the uptown version of the same aesthetic, taking the boy from the streets to the beach to Madison Avenue. It's actually quite harmonious, and lends itself to a type of man that maintains a certain quality of ease. As a result, in what my at first appear to be a rigid wardrobe is softened with bright knits, casual footwear, over-sized slacks, and cut-off denim.

Antonio Azzuolo's Spring 2013 showcase is a story of an evolving man. Subtle changes to a chic aesthetic bring character and personality to a wardrobe so often disassociated from charm and ease. It's tasteful, organic, and seasonally sound.

Keep it locked for more fantastic spreads on the ShOws 2012! And of course for all the action at World MasterCard Fashion Week starting tomorrow!


Photos Courtesy BlogTo

The ShOws Day 1 / Jean-Pierre Braganza #Spring2013

Jean-Pierre Braganza's Spring 2013 Collection at the ShOws was, to say the very least, my absolute favourite presentation of the entire showcase. Braganza's Collection was the embodiment of everything I love about Fashion - the boldness and the playfulness with the chic and the trendy. It was a Collection that was composed brilliantly and totally balanced in every way; from the variance of shape to the geometric lines to the monochromatic textures. In short, it was the show of the ShOws.

Sharp edges, graphic, printed textures, and bold blocking were dominant elements of Braganza's Spring 2013 Collection. No stranger to playing with pattern and interesting colour, Braganza's aesthetic is almost space-aged with just the right amount of fierce vigor. The printed pants, the vested leather, and those stunning moments of sequins, turquoise, and tuxedo elements - it's urban, sophisticated, exuberant, and lethal.

Braganza's Spring Collection was my favourite of the ShOws. The Braganza woman is unabashedly confidant with an almost unforgiving essence that's simultaneously sexy, raw, and sharp. Keep it locked for more features on the ShOws as well as World MasterCard Fashion Week starting tomorrow! 


Photos Courtesy BlogTo

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