Wednesday, 2 May 2012

EGO by Emily Woudenberg at FAT

Emily Woudenberg's Fall/Winter 2012 Collection, EGO, which premiered at Toronto Arts and Fashion Week, has finally been released in video form! The collection, which features an eclectic and whimsical play on adverse silhouettes, was one of the most anticipated designer collections of this year's FAT.

Woudenberg is a talented young designer. There is a certain liberation in her repeating aesthetic that plays on it's ability to be fresh, trendy, but unique in the smallest sense. The length of a shirt, the asymmetry of a colour-block, or just the simple androgyny of her style. It's the Woudenberg touch, so-to-speak, and it's fantastic to see it coming from our city.

As for EGO, I particularly like Woudenberg's attention to textural detail. Her metallic golds and colour-blocking are not only completely on-point for the season, but they also emphasize the subtle uniqueness of many of her cuts; like the 3/4 length sleeve trench, texture-blocked with shiny leather (which I love, by the way). However, I should say that my favourite part of this entire showing are those gunmetal shoes! They are like silver bullets, to die for! Would've loved to have seen it studded or platformed as well; I think it would've been a great partner to the street aesthetic of the entire show, given it a more raw edge. The tapered cigarette pants and the over-sized T's are also brilliant and oh so urban; the entire collection is so ultra hip, I can't really think of any other way to describe it. I would wear almost everything, and incorporate it into my own, personal wardrobe. It's that wearable and that cool. Woudenberg in a nutshell? Probably! No surprise this year, fantastic collection.


Photography by Christine Kwan
Runway Videography by Justin Arjune

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