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The Met Gala in Dresses: The Worst

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala, held just this week on the 7th of May in New York, was bold to say the least in terms of dresses! Everything from gold metallics to neon hues dominated the Spring pieces this year. And if you've seen the best, and loved it just as much as I did, then it's time for you to see the worst! And this is not to say that these women are any less beautiful, talented, or incredible in their own right; but it is to say that sometimes a little can go a long way in terms of finding the right dress, especially when it comes to a night as momentous as the Met Gala. Here's why these women missed the mark!

Don't get me wrong! I love me some B! This woman is the fiercest of the fierce, and she is an incredible artist. But, to be honest, I didn't like the dress! There were a lot of mixed reviews. Some people felt it was fabulous, others didn't agree; I'd have to concur with the latter! The Haute Givenchy gown is immaculately constructed, but I feel like it isn't right for her. Your eye gets drawn to the body sculptor she is clearly wearing underneath and I felt it would've been more compelling if it wasn't so transparent. One of those "almost there but not quite" moments for me!

Christina Ricci sported this boldly vivacious Thakoon dress during the Gala this week. I'm all for the dramatic, but I think Ricci is totally lost between the billows and bustles of this fabric! It almost resembles an ice cream cone, or perhaps pickled ginger? The embellishments and textural embroidery are actually quite nice, but it's the shape and the execution on petite Ricci that is all wrong!

Beautiful Emma Stone! And Lavin, oh we all love Lavin, right? This dress didn't do it for me girls! I love the colour, I love the shape. On her? No way! Emma is a gorgeous, young woman; the shape of this dress +  the neckline +  the length +  the hair? Stone ends up looking like she's trying to be extremely cute and extremely young, and, at least for me, it ends up looking a bit costume-y, doesn't it? No thanks my love, I think this is too much 13 year-old for the Met Gala.

Coco Rocha, Canada's brightest sweetheart and one of my biggest obsessions right now! She is talented, fierce, tasteful, and above all, born in Toronto. But, what happened here? The world famous editorial queen was spotted at the Met Gala wearing this vintage Givenchy pant suit that does nothing for her! I love vintage Givenchy with a passion, but I feel like this doesn't work. I appreciate the Spring tones, but I think the pink shoes, the pink blouse, and the pink ombré are all together totally distracting when partnered with the monogram canary. Not to mention the fact that the ankle-cut length does absolutely nothing for Rocha's incredible legs. I feel like she tried to be demure but whimsical with this classic design, but failed putting it together.

Mary-Kate Olsen, fashion extraordinaire and power-sister, slipped on this black, demure gown from her own line, The Row. The gown is actually quite cool. I think the shape is interesting and the fabric is chic, I just don't think she wears it. And let's be honest girls, it's 20% the product and 80% how you wear it that makes it incredible. It's too dark for a Spring event, and she is drowned out by the tone in her hair and the darkness of her outfit. You can barely see the warmth in her face as a result, and she ends up looking quite vampiric, matronly, and dowdy.

My dear Sarah Jessica Parker; princess of Manhattan, lord of the heels, what have you done? The typically stylish SJP missed the mark in this Couture Valentino on the night of the Gala. The wallpaper-like pattern is overbearing for her small frame; and the fact that the fabric is full coverage doesn't do her any justice either. Long-sleeved gowns are definitely in, but it depends on the gown! The gold cuffs are an unusual addition, and the entire outfit ends up resembling too closely the closet of a young woman in the early 1900's. I feel like the dress has an identity that, in its own respect, is beautiful, but it too easily overtook the identity of the wearer. All you see is that dress and how it doesn't work, and all I want to do is get my wallpaper steamer out. 

So! What have we learned? The same thing we always do. Wear the dress, don't let it wear you! If you choose something powerful and bold, make sure you're bolder! It's the first rule of fashion, never forget it. ▲D

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