Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jeffrey Chan Photography

Jeffrey Chan is a good friend of mine who works out of Toronto, Canada as a freelance photographer. He is one of the most talented people I know and has dabbled, honed himself, and excelled in everything from travel to editorial fashion photography and then some; you can even see some of the work we did together on my website here.

Jeff's latest endeavour is a modern take on wedding photography. Traditional it isn't, but memorable and beautiful it always is. Documentary-style candidness captures the essence of the celebration; the joy, the tears, and the slightest details - from subtle decor to background hilarity. These are living moments, as I'd like to see them, and truly embody the memory of the day as opposed to the image. The wedding becomes organic, and it looks more beautiful and human than any traditional photography I've seen. You can see some of his brilliant work below, featuring a wedding abroad that took place in Hong Kong. (Click the link below for the full set)

See more of Jeff's work (as well as how you too can get a hold of him for your special day this Summer!) at his Official Website!


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