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Fall 2013 with Rudsak / Preview Event #Stardust

A couple of days ago I had the unique privilege of experiencing Rudsak, one of Canada's premiere and most sought-after Design Houses, present their Fall 2013 Preview here in Toronto at the beautiful Templar Hotel; uniquely titled Stardust. Before I start ranting about the beauty of design and how incredible it all is, I should speak first about the impact Rudsak carries with it, and why that in itself is cause for celebration enough.

Hailing from Montréal, and ruling it, Rudsak has been an inspirationally powerful brand since it's inception almost two decades ago. Possessing an aesthetic that bases itself on rich, luxurious materials; Rudsak often manages to balances the fine line of Canadian rustic-heritage with inner-city, youthful polish. Clean lines, brilliant palettes, and an urban edge balance out a traditionally strong aesthetic of functional luggage-wear and seasonally practical outerwear. The quality of their leather, being known for the way they use it, is unmatched in our market - and you honestly can't appreciate it (which is something I quickly learned) until you see it.

The Fall 2013 Preview event I attended was guided by Matt, a representative of the iconic brand, who carefully, methodically, and passionately guided us through a variety of staple looks for Rudsak's Autumn. From the get-go I was immediately smitten by the quality of the leather. I saw Rudsak present this season at World MasterCard Fashion Week but I had no idea how incredible the pieces actually were until I saw them up close. The Moto-Jackets were fiercely cut, inky black, and detailed in a Gold Lamé-esque fabric and Faux-Pony in the most brilliantly rich Oxblood. The structured boning, clasps, and zips were an embrace of a past era - 70's disco meets 90's grunge, as Matt would say, in tandem with the line's name; Stardust. And also, quite clearly, in tandem with the 90's elements we've been seeing trend enormously in Fashion this Season.

Despite the awesome aesthetic of the Collection, I was more impressed by the amount of design intelligence. Every piece in Rudsak's arsenal of leather and coats were multi-functional and incredibly detailed - from the fabric choice to the piping to the way it's worn. They are extremely high quality and you can easily get two, even three looks from almost every one of their classic Winter pieces. Many coats were multi-layered; featuring unique button closures, texturally diverse leather, nylon, and fur; and the option of removing, adding on, or altering at least one part of the coat as you wear it. Brilliant design composition - both functional and beautiful; quality meets grace, it's really quite awesome!

One of my favourite pieces of the entire presentation was a beautifully striped, cowl-necked Winter dress. It was textured in intricately lined strips of leather with black mesh in between, but it cut and curled around the curves of the body in bold triangles and shapes, creating form through it's texture. It was a beautifully detailed pieces that you could easily dress up or down in the richest black, which was a huge palette theme for the entire Rudsak showcase. Love!

Some of the best pieces of the entire showcase were the accessories. Boasting a brilliant mix of fur lined hats, chic, iPhone sensitive leather gloves, and both wax-coated and chalkboard-finished leather satchels in the richest colours. Like we've said before, Rudsak is famous for their luggage-wear, and this season's Collection is no exception. The quality of the bags are bar-none, and yet they remain totally affordable in a high designer market. Finished cleanly or distressed, the wax-coated leathers are luxurious to the touch as well as the sight. I highly recommend investing in some of their luggage if you're being introduced to Rudsak for the first time; it will give you a sense of the quality of the leather without the price tag of a full Winter coat. But, chances are, if you love the bag as much as I know you will, you will probably get the coat to partner!

Rounding out the entire showcase was a diverse mix of new Rudsak Menswear. Matt was quick to point out that Rudsak is interested in investing more time in Menswear, which, as a person who is an advocate for the evolution of Men's Design, was thrilling for me. He presented us with more brilliant black knitwear, some of which were wax-coated in glossy finishes that mirrored their brilliant coats; as well as a unique and quality collection of powerful bubble coats and classic Moto-cuts. We were smitten from beginning to end.

Rudsak continues to be an International leader in leather design hailing from a Canadian market. I couldn't be more proud nor impressed with the aesthetic, incredible quality, and amazing functionality of their Fall 2013 Collection that continue to keep Rudsak at the forefront of amazing fashion. It was an absolute pleasure!

Visit Rudsak in Downtown Toronto at the corner of Queen & John and invest in some fantastic Winter wear today. Show your support for Canadian Fashion and Canadian talent!

315 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M52 2A4


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