Thursday, 16 May 2013

Fall 2013 with HUDSON Jeans / Collection Preview

No stranger to vibrant attitude, HUDSON Jeans presented an unforgettably on-point and vivid Collection of fantastic denim at their Fall 2013 Preview here in Toronto. And when I say vivid, I don’t necessarily mean in colour – I’m talking attitude. We’re seeing 90’s-era grunge blend with Moto-inspired leather, patchwork textural denim on denim, and some of the sexiest, slickest washes from HUDSON as a brand yet.

I was beyond smitten from the get-go when I started seeing that 90’s element peek through. Claudia presented us with a nostalgic return to the prestige of true denim - classic blue washed, both distressed and richly inky, lined with bright yellow stitching or accented with faded tones and ripped fabric. They were two different looks from one great era; clean denim vs. destroyed denim. “Destroy & Repair” (coined by HUDSON) was something I absolutely loved for Spring; and was a major precursor to all the grunge elements we’re seeing in Fashion right now. HUDSON has taken this same idea, destroying Jeans only to wear them again, to a crisper level with darker washes and richer tones – something indicative of what Fall Fashion means. Adore.

But what’s 90’s denim without a little rock star? One of the biggest trends of the year makes a re-appearance in HUDSON’s fall lineup to an aesthetic that echoes the unabashed, biker-glam of urban London. Zipped, richly made dark denim, both shiny and matte, solidify HUDSON as a sexy, youthful legwear design house with wicked leather elements. We were absolutely taken with the gold, zipped pieces, the textural patchwork of denim on denim, and especially the rich inkiness of some of HUDSON’s most beautiful blackest-of-black pieces. This 90’s-era trend goes beyond the youthful liberation of blue denim, but instead delves far into the sexy, dark, brooding identity of punk with a chic edge – studs, patchwork fabric, and glossy textures in chestnut brown, deep black, charcoal grey, and brilliant oxblood. The wax-coated denim added to this aesthetic, and was our absolute favourite look for the entire showing! The matte yet shiny texture of the wax is not quite as powerful as leather, but not quite as understated and effortless as a pair of classic denim pants either. It’s edgy but easy, which seems to be in perfect tandem with what HUDSON is all about to begin with. Fantastic! I think I speak for everyone who was at the preview in saying that I wish every showing rack in the room was with me at home. A wonderful preview for a fierce Season ahead.

HUDSON has continued to be a remarkable source for great denim since its inception, and I can speak volumes about how tasteful each Season of HUDSON is – but I want to try and explain it in a better way. HUDSON is a company that continues to design with significance, and what I mean by that is the ability to take fresh inspiration from classic elements, all the while re-creating and re-imagining current, evolving trends. They never forget their history, pulling elements from London consistently in each Season, and always utilize creative and artistic outlets to showcase their aesthetic. Whether through insta-campaigns, performance art, or just fantastic urban street photography; HUDSON presents an identity each Season. And it’s an identity that permeates – youthful, fierce, neoteric, individual, easy. HUDSON, I think I love you.

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