Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Trending! MINT for Spring 2012

It's finally here ladies and gents! Spring is dawning on us. Our cool temperatures are finally giving way to double-digits in Celsius, and the sun couldn't be brighter! So, what's this post all about? Trends of course!

Mint is the hottest colour of the season, it's time to embrace that cool, fresh glow! Everything from pastel Mints, to jewel-toned Mints, to more aqua-toned Mints and more blue, ice-toned Mints are all fair game. The colour is a refreshing departure of the sea of neutrals we've been seeing lately from not only many of the Spring collections last year, but as well as the dismal, stark palette of much of Fall/Winter.

White is still very much in season this year, as is black, but adding details of Mint in contrasting and complimentary elements could take your everyday look from seasonal to spotlight stunner. Add a heel of Mint, a bag, or a skirt to balance out the neutral elements of your outfit. Personally, I love seeing it in statement pieces; like a skinny pant in full Mint, a chunky heel, or an oversized carry-all. However, you can also be more subtle in your Mint choices! Mint jewelry can easily become a great faux-neutral that will pop with almost any jewel-toned blouse. It's also a fantastic colour for powerful accessories like a wrap scarf or a bold, turquoise ring!

Mint is also extremely versatile. It's naive to think that it can't be partnered with other hues in bold patterns, because Mint itself is a hue that can be found in hundreds of variations. So what's the problem with mixing Mint with Mint? None I say! Spring is about catharsis and liberation, explore your colour options! A pale, pastel-tinted Mint pump can still look totally fantastic with a bolder, jewel-toned Mint skirt. A light, aqua-tinted Mint scarf partnered with a bright, blue-toned Mint purse? Why not!

Spring is not just about embracing colours as they are, it's about playing with them. What colours work with your skin? What colours work together? And how can you make bold statements out of signature pieces? Take your time this season girls; just embracing the new and the exciting is a testament to your character and your ability to be at the forefront! Leave a lasting impression this season by using Mint as a staple in your wardrobe palette.


  1. i love this colour combo. The chick in the mint head to toe looks so hot. it is so fresh and so clean. love it! and i want the coral chanel bag. katrina xox. PS i have tried to post comments so many times on these, but it never lets me publish.

    1. Thanks Kat! Yeah, I added the Anonymous posting option recently to allow public readers to comment. But I think anyone can fill in the "name + url" field (with, for example, their name and facebook URL) and post publicly. For future reference give it a try. Thanks for reading!


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