Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Trending! CORAL for Spring 2012

Is Spring here yet? Toronto is still waiting for that warmth to creep in, but before it does, it's probably smart to plan ahead with a little Coral! We've already covered this season's hottest colour, Mint, but that shouldn't discourage anyone from experimenting with other popular colours of the season. Spring has given us a unique mix of pastel and power-pigment hues that range in everything from royal blue to lemon yellow! Neon is in in bold patterns and blocked colour; Coral is a part of that movement.

Coral is the second trending colour of the season. It started with McQueen not too long ago during the famous fashion house's Spring 2012 Collection. Splashes of both pastel and jeweled-toned Corals dominated the runway in everything from floral pumps to billowing dresses. The re-introduction of this tone, which was very popular last season, has sparked an uproar of new, bold designs that have filtered down into the consumerist market from the runways of the world's greatest designers.

Coral is fresh and feminine. It has hints of both pink and orange that give it a uniquely diverse quality. It can be neutralized with warm, beige tones as well as used as a power pigment when made bolder with brighter, more fuchsia tones. Everything from great shoes, to skirts, to slacks, to overcoats, and head-to-toe jumpsuits is fair game when using Coral for Spring! Like Mint, Coral is one of this seasons new faux-neutrals. Partner it with everything from soft oranges and deep pinks to true greens and bright yellows!

Coral and Mint, the two hottest colours of 2012, are also fantastic together! Experiment in new ways by using these Spring faux-neutrals to balance one another in clever, unique ways! A Coral dress grounded with a Mint belt, or fantastic turquoise jewelry accessorized over a Coral blouse are just a couple of easy examples.

Don't fear the pink, embrace Coral this season!


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