Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ezra Constantine Fall/Winter 2012 (50th Post!)

Ezra Constantine has, for a while, been a huge inspiration for me. Not only is the line headed by the brilliant Canadian talents of Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill (famously known for their powerhouse and main line, Greta Constantine) but it evokes a new silhouette, every season, for evolving menswear.

Feminine-inspired shapes and cuts add a new sense of movement to once rigid forms - rounded shoulders, a flowing torso, an oversized neckline; but are grounded by dark elements like textural leather, black, and metal. The result is a celebration of movement in a man that is no less masculine nor powerful, though it embraces feminine-inspired details. I find this incredibly interesting, intriguing, and liberating. It is not only refreshing to see in the men's fashion world, especially in the western world, but it is refreshing to see it come from Toronto.

Ezra Constatine is a prime example of the talent that sits in this country and, especially, in this city. There is serious potential coming out of new designers blossoming in a Canadian market that deserves more attention from it's Canadian consumers and distributors. Talent is more than execution, it is also vision, and Ezra, since it's early beginnings, has evoked nothing short of great vision. Wong and Pickersgill continue to be at the forefront of a changing industry and an evolving aesthetic with fierce potential.

Also, in slightly unrelated news, this is my 50th post for DylanInTheCity! Celebrate, Like, Share! Thanks!


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