Monday, 19 November 2012

The Yorkdale Expansion Preview! / In Retrospect

It came, it was glorious, it went, and we're thrilled! As we touted earlier, the Yorkdale Expansion Opening was sure to be something stellar; and it was! We were invited to the Media Preview and had an exceptional time; and all the events, giveaways, and prizes were just the cream of an already fantastic opening.

The 145,000 square feet of new, stunning space was declared officially open last Thursday night to a fun and bright fireworks display! A great DJ set, food from Yorkdale's new JOEY's, and complimentary champagne solidified the experience; followed by a fun night of touring the new space and seeing some of the amazing new stores we've been talking about all Summer.

As we talked about earlier, Yorkdale's new space features 27 brand new retail spaces and some first-time, flagship openings - Kate Spade New York, Ted Baker London, Papyrus, Club Monaco, Anthropologie, a Tesla Showroom, Diesel, and Ann Taylor - just name some fabulous notables. Armed with the best arm candy in the city, and some big bags, and I ventured into each store and had the opportunity to meet the bright, new faces of Yorkdale's future first hand! Here are some photos of these great spaces.

L'OCCITANE en Provence gifted us with lovely, aromatic body washes and complimentary creams. The entire store was a fragrant, rustic escape from the modernity of the mall - and offered everything from hand massages, to manicures, to gentlemen's shaves. We were greeted by some of the most passionate and knowledgeable representatives of the brand, proclaiming their love for the organic roots of this fantastic company.

Papyrus is a craft-enthusiast paradise! Materials and ribbons of all kinds, beautifully designed papers of varying patterns, weights, and textures, as well as personalized cards, adorable notebooks, and beautiful boxes. The potential for creation is enormous! Such a lovely treat to have a store like this in Yorkdale. We were gifted with a lovely collection of Papyrus cards and paper accessories.

Club Monaco was probably my favourite store of the release - and this isn't just because Club Monaco had some fantastic pieces - it's because of the design! So tastefully ornate. Gold, rustic gems, crown molding, and opalescent fur - a visual treat as much as anything else. We were gifted with adorable arm warmers courtesy of the company; my new Winter staple!

Ann Taylor stole my heart on this night. They have a beautiful, expansive store. Great clothing, stunning jewelry; a true, flagship space. However! The memorable part? The girls! What a fantastic team at Ann Taylor. They were welcoming, funny, charming, beautiful, and made sure we always had a glass of rose in our hands. I cherished this experience and can't wait to return to the store this Winter! We were gifted with an exclusive ceramic and gold bracelet courtesy Ann Taylor.

Diesel was a treat as well! We ran into the fabulous and fierce JayStrut on this night - he was participating in a blogger event where bloggers were chosen to design mannequins in-store with Diesel Merchandise! As participants to the event we were invited to vote for our favourite to be entered into a $1000 draw! Jay also hosted the evening and even DJ'd a set. The store had great energy, popcorn, cotton candy, and gifted us with exclusive Diesel Canada mugs and some Loverdose perfume!

Anthropologie was much the same as Club Monaco in terms of presentation! And by that I mean its power. It was stunning. So well composed, so meticulously detailed. The girls of Anthropologie were quick to explain that it was a labour of love. A true country-chic gem in a bustling city - I loved everything. The patterns, the knits, the stunning jewelry, the personalized mugs! It was charming and adorable - probably one of my favourite new stores to arrive. We were treated to champagne and cookies and gifted with beautiful wooden rings and a little message thanking us for participating in the celebration. Thank you Anthropologie!

Hugo Boss was also a visual treat! No surprise from the mogul retailer - stunning floors, beautiful shelving, and an open, walk-through design room that was a welcoming find. The clothing and the accessories were stunning in true BOSS fashion and the people were fabulous.

Ted Baker London was one of my favourite spots to visit! It had the most well-composed presentation by far. The jarred, complimentary cocktails, the light, British fair, and the photo booth to top it all off! It was charming and so, so great looking. I am so thankful to have a men's retailer that understands chic style in an interesting way - you simply must see their sport coats. Geometric mirrors graced the ceilings and the walls, opening up the space and reflect all the warm, wooden elements throughout. The men of men will go here - it was unforgettably fabulous. We were gifted with Ted Baker notepads! So cute, I love them.

We ended our night at Kate Spade New York! The bright colours were an instant hit! Playing on the neons of Spring, Kate is never short of visual inspiration. Beautiful, iconic jewelry, hilarious and flirty tote bags, and bright, glossy leathers filled the room with the spirit of whimsy. A wonderful store lead by a great group of girls.

I couldn't be more thrilled with everything Yorkdale has done and is doing. My favourite mall still holds itself as the premiere shopping destination in the city; and perhaps the most successful in the country. Keep being chic Yorkdale!


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