Thursday, 10 January 2013

Vogue Hommes Japan x Stop Motion

I'm really obsessing over this new dive into animated Editorials lately. Started and popularized by Vogue Hommes Japan early last year for their debut iPad Edition Digital Magazine; stop-motion Fashion has since basically taken what we love so much about tumblr and brought it to a professional light. It's almost like turning Editorials into vision boards; and I find it intensely compelling. The movement brings a unique, more artistic perspective to the basic image; allowing for more abstract concepts, choreography, music, and an enormous amount of creative potential - bridging the gap between High Fashion Editorial and Fashion Film. I would absolutely love to experiment with this concept myself.

Check out this fantastic collection of stop-motion, animated Fashion from a recent edition of Vogue Hommes Japan /

Is this the future of Editorial Fashion? What do you think?


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