Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Lifestyle Blog / #DylanInTheWorld

Good morning blogosphere, friends, strangers, and Fashion-lovers!

I'd like to tell you about an exciting new project I've just started. While maintaining all that I love, create, and cover in Fashion, I wanted to introduce a new blog with a different voice; and so was born - DylanInTheWorld.

DylanInTheWorld is meant to be a lifestyle blog that reflects many of my passions in life beyond just Fashion and Beauty alone; with a wide focus on varied Art, Literature, Film, Cooking, Travel, and Humanism. I want to be able to create an interactive portrayal of the incredible things, people, places, moments, movements - literally anything that drives me personally - into a personable, human blog. But I am also hoping that the blog acts as a candid guide, or mirror, of my growth as a person; showcasing not only that which strikes me positively, but also the challenges that I may face along the way. It's about me, it's about us, and it's about the world we live in.

My first post is already up, and it outlines one of the biggest changes I've made so far this year. I'd love for you stop by, be inspired, read my journey, and leave your thoughts. Without saying too much more on a blog devoted to Fashion, thanks for taking the time ♥


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  1. Can really recommend this Lifestyle page with interesting reading.

    Go for it!


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