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Winter Fashion! How Do You Wear It? / Trend Rundown!

Eek! The heat is off in my apartment! The best solution? Snuggling up in layers of knits, over-sized scarves, and reminiscing about Winter Fashion. Well, a Salted-Caramel Latte from Starbucks would surely add to the majesty - but, regardless, it's almost an excuse to try on every winter outfit at my disposal, is it not?

We are in the dead of the cold zone my friends; post-Holiday Season and pre-Spring renewal. A lot of people like to wallow around at this time of year; but I think that's ridiculous! Winter itself is a cleansing Season - the snow falls and washes away yesteryear; it's always been a time of catharsis. So what's the best way to celebrate the new you for the new year? Why not fantastic new outfits? You are what you wear! Here is a run down of some of our favourite Winter trends this Season.


1 / The Big Layers

There's nothing that says warmth like layers upon layers in Winter - but it isn't anything terribly new. Winter typically means layers in Fashion; but this year? I love seeing big layers! Bigger, bolder, more obtuse shapes; layering both over-sized and texturally bold pieces together brings a new creativity and eclecticism to Winter this Season - without losing any of the comfort. I love piling on knits after knits and wrapping it all under a fabulous scarf, or perhaps a great hat, or maybe just a fantastic weekend bag! Experimenting with bigger pieces this season will allow you to create new silhouettes for yourself you might never thought possible!

2 / Burst Pigments

Winter on the Runway lately has been an expression and an embrace of the chic monochromatic! You can never go wrong with a palette as bold as black, white, and every neutral in between - however! I absolutely love seeing people bring that burst of colour from Spring into their fabulous Winter wardrobe! And why not? With the stark contrast of snow on the ground and the blue haze of the city that the Season brings, it's almost perfect conditions to shine brightly under a bold power pigment. Experiment with some of your favourite Spring colours this Season and bring a little POP to Winter!

3 / Fur Textures

The textural majesty of something like fur is unmatched in the Fashion world! Fur has been a powerful and staple accent for the last few Seasons in Winter Fashion! Adding glamour, colour, and luxurious texture to almost any outfit you could come up with; fur, regardless of natural or faux, is a fantastic way to add just that little extra something to turn your great Winter in the city outfit into a showstopper look.

4 / That Pop of Red

Red, red, red! Red is my go-to colour this season for that extra pop of pigment! If you're that chic monochromatic girl or guy we've been talking about (and you'd rather embrace the black as opposed to the bright) try adding a little red somewhere in your outfit and see how quickly your look changes! Red is a multi-seasonal colour that evokes dramaticism and confidence! Adding just that bit somewhere in your look shows people you are not only chic, but also a little fearless!

5 / Metal

Are you a Metal Head? Because I certainly am! Metal, in the from of studs, blocked shapes, and hardware has been perhaps the biggest trend this Season for both Summer and Winter! Stud yourself out in metallic reflections of silver, gold, and gunmetal to add that edged look to any outfit this Season. It has been so huge it is almost a classic add-on - meaning you can partner it with the most elegant outfit you have and still make it work! Metal is no longer punk, it's chic! Work!

6 / Over-Sized Knitwear

An expansion of my obsession with big layers; over-sized knits are one of my favourite staples this Season for Winter! You can't go wrong with a huge, comfy sweater! Patterned in a great colour, or perhaps just loosely knitted with a great texture - a bold knit is the easiest way to throw something on and still remain interesting and chic in the coldest of the cold. Try layer knits over knits as opposed to drowning yourself in big, heavy Winter coats that can sometimes be unflattering if you haven't quite found the right one!

7 / Big, Big, Big Scarves and Wraps!

Is this too much of a theme for me?! I love big, wintery pieces! And this includes scarves. Why not layer that great knit with an even better over-sized scarf, stole, shawl, or wrap? Scarves are the trendiest way to add a bold hit of pattern and a unique silhouette to your ensemble this Season. It also adds to that bundled-up look that'll not only keep you on-point Seasonally, but warm and snuggled at the same time. Use them as a way to add a new visual colour impact or to neutralize or balance the many colours in your outfit altogether. Regardless of the way you wear it, a great scarf is perhaps your most versatile Fashion option during Winter and worth the investment!

8 / Holiday Sweater

Holiday Sweaters have a history of tack behind them; but what I found most interesting this Season are the amount of ways you can use them to add a tasteful, yuletide touch to your Winter Street Style! There's nothing wrong with embracing the colours, textures, and images of the holiday season into your outfit! It not only shows people you're in the spirit of things, but it also shows them that you can be put-together and still be charming and whimsical at the same time. It's cute, adorable, and can sometimes make a great little add-on to an already well thought-out Winter outfit.

9 / Black & Gold

Black & Gold are the staple monochromatics of the Season! Never out-of-style, these two tones partner up in a myriad of ways; black leather + gold embellishments, black knitwear + gold jewelry, gold coats + black leg wear - the options are literally endless. The most trendy pairing on both the Runway and the streets for Winter this Season, Black & Gold continue to be a fantastic and easy way to create chic dramaticism with just a few pieces here and there. Everything from luxurious richness to casual Street Style can be tuned-up to the moment and tastefully on-point with the addition of Black & Gold somewhere on the outfit! Experiment this Season with awesome ways you can wear them too!

10 / Leather, Baby!

Leather! Where do I begin? Honestly, it's almost too difficult to. Leather is the staple texture of Winter this Season. If you're not brave enough for fur, to chic for knit, you're bound to find something in leather. Warm, supple, shiny, and sharp; leather is the ultimate Winter add-on. Whether on your hands, over your body, on your legs, or on your feet; leather adds richness, warmth, a chic and sharp edge, and the perfect amount of neutral depth to any colour palette you could come up with. Leather can both tune-up or turn-down your outfit without compromising the balance of what you've already created - and it's so classic it'll last you Season after Season. A brilliant leather coat for example, cut to your shape and hitting you where it should, can give you a lifetime of ultimate style!

Phew! That was an afternoon-full of information! I hope you too can use this trend guideline as the perfect way to take your regular Winter wardrobe into something Seasonal and fabulous. It's always important to remember that clothes are just clothes; but investing in pieces for yourself that reflect who you are also investments into your character to the world around you. You are what you wear, at least to those around you! Make it count, and happy Winter!



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