Sunday, 21 October 2012

The ShOws Day 2 / Antonio Azzuolo #Spring2013

Antonio Azzuolo's Spring presentation at the ShOws this season was, in the essence of a.a., a masterpiece of immaculate tailoring. The stars of the show - his jackets, blazers, and pieced suits - were masculine, crisp, and evoked refreshing class. Playing on a seasonally on-point palette of soft neutrals accented with bursts of pigment here and there, Azzuolo's showcase was an amalgamation of the urban man as well as the professional man - taking into stride the transitions of both, from one to the other, quite literally at times.

Schoolboy Bermudas and crisp knitwear were some of the resort-like staples Azzuolo played on this season. Spring-time whites and creams, accented with bursts of royal hues like red, blue, and pink. Laser cut sport coats and loose slacks were the uptown version of the same aesthetic, taking the boy from the streets to the beach to Madison Avenue. It's actually quite harmonious, and lends itself to a type of man that maintains a certain quality of ease. As a result, in what my at first appear to be a rigid wardrobe is softened with bright knits, casual footwear, over-sized slacks, and cut-off denim.

Antonio Azzuolo's Spring 2013 showcase is a story of an evolving man. Subtle changes to a chic aesthetic bring character and personality to a wardrobe so often disassociated from charm and ease. It's tasteful, organic, and seasonally sound.

Keep it locked for more fantastic spreads on the ShOws 2012! And of course for all the action at World MasterCard Fashion Week starting tomorrow!


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