Monday, 29 October 2012

World MasterCard Fashion Week Day 3 / Lucian Matis #Spring2013

Lucian Matis never ceases to inspire, amaze, and totally engage me in his Seasonal Runway Presentations. His Fall/Winter 2012 Collection at the Fairmont Royal York in March was hands down the best of the Season during Toronto Fashion Week. This Season, for Spring 2013, he's given us yet again something new and fantastic. Consistently tasteful and immaculately produced; his works, though intensely varied in aesthetic, always boast strong and powerful femininity. That is, for the bold and sophisticated woman. It is confidant and on-point yet always with substance - unsurprising from the local mogul.

A unique and characteristic departure from many designers this Season, Matis takes a page out of the colours of Spring, and pushes aside the mediocrity of a monochromatic palette. Bold, geometric patterns echo the trends of the Season by use of lines and colour as opposed to fabric. Mirrored vectors and blocked hues in beautifully clashing variations were opening stunners. The soft movement of his long, flowing gowns were as innocent as a Maxi; made interesting and powerful with colour, bold shoulders and short sleeves. It's brilliant and, once again, a nod to a time of retro freedom; something we've been seeing spark here and there throughout the Runways of the world lately. It is quite refreshing.

I absolutely loved the hints and blips of neutrals, sheer, and leather that peaked out of this presentation as well. These Seasonally on-point elements added a dimension to the Collection as beautifully poignant as the peplums that graced them. And of course, my absolutely favourite - the red! Finally, it's time we've seen some red this Season. I said before that I felt like it could be the next IT colour, and I'm so happy to see Matis play with it, even if just for a little. The ornate, damask-esque lines speak of a Victorian refinement that is very Matis; adding that hint of sophistication and regalness his Collections are famous for (and coincidentally what I adore them for). A masterpiece and a vision; I loved it. Thank you Lucian! What a show!


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