Monday, 22 October 2012

The ShOws Day 2 / Jeremy Laing #Spring2013

Closing night at the ShOws saw Canadian-born, design-phenom and all around brilliant guy Jeremy Laing deliver his Spring 2013 Collection. I should also mention that the sheer amount of people at the ShOws seemingly tripled between Azzuolo and Laing within an hour or so; it's easy to see the influence and presence Laing has in the community, and it comes as no surprise. I was lucky enough to snag a seat in a literally over-flowing Runway room! Everyone was in presence - from past models to the Editors and Execs from some of our favourite magazines, to famous bloggers and other brilliant designers, to notable public figures. Everyone wanted a piece of Laing, and I can't blame them, I mean, it's Jeremy Laing. I almost had a heart attack during the Braganza show when he stood beside me! Anyways, let's get to the beauty.

Jeremy Laing's Spring 2013 showcase was a cut-up, silvery embrace of what at first seemed like post-apocalyptic sportswear. Schoolgirl atheltics met with flowing satins, geometrically layered tunics and shorts, and metallic moments like snap button closures and meshed textures. The feel of the Collection became neo-grunge solely because of the baggy fits and flat palette; a clear embrace of deep greys, blacks, dirty whites, and bright, textural gunmetals. It was actually quite cool, and I wished I could see more silvery gunmetal run through the collection as a whole; I thought it added the right amount of visual interest to many of his interesting fabric elements - the vented dresses, geometrically embroidered tops, and crushed satins.

As usual, the pieces embraced a lot of movement for Spring but were meticulously constructed. The geometric elements were extremely bold because they were sharp and immaculate; a testament to Laing's undeniable attention to detail and form. Every line had a purpose; the eye has to travel as Vreeland would say. 

In the end, Jeremy Laing's Spring 2013 Collection at the ShOws was one of the clear showstoppers; met with a grand ovation as it left the Runway. The clothing was high-fashion, high-statement, and yet maintained that youthful, schoolgirl effortlessness that creeps in subtly with soft fabrics, baggy shorts, and that brilliant neo-punk hair. It's almost alternative in a new way, in an expensive way; and fiercely embraces those grunge elements from the 90's in a cool re-interpretation. Happy to be there, ecstatic to see it first. Thank you Jeremy Laing!


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