Thursday, 25 October 2012

World MasterCard Fashion Week Day 2 / Ashtiani #Spring2013

Ashtiani by Golnaz Ashtiani was one of the most tasteful, seasonally sound Collections at Fashion Week on Day 2. A perfectly composed amalgamation of some of the best trends of the Season; Ashtiani embraced beautiful, sheer fabrics, strong, geometric forms, a crisp palette, and a return to the re-emergence of chic athletic wear.

 Some of the cleanest pieces we've seen have come from this modest Studio presentation in Toronto. I absolutely love the pink-tinged sheer organza that graced many of her designs. The soft movement of the fabric against the edged lines of her triangles and rectangles created bold, visual patterns that were flattering to the form but unique to the eye. Over-sized pants were a staple this season, and Ashtiani was no exception; presenting billowing resort-like softness in pastel pinks, beiges, and warm whites. And we can't ignore the general aesthetic of the showcase and it's mod flair; a nudge to a 60's era girl. Retro-chic but softer, more feminine, and much, much cleaner forms. A beautiful and tasteful Collection - congratulations Ashtiani!


Photos Courtesy George Pimentel

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