Friday, 13 July 2012

Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2012

Ok. Before I start gushing and obsessing I need to say that I saw this first on JayStrut, who by the way has immaculate taste, and I instantly fell in absolute love. So much so that I needed - needed - to post it here. It is simply too beautiful not to.

Alexandre Vauthier's Haute Couture Fall Collection, for the 2012/2013 Season, is a consistent, glistening showcase of sculptural shapes and hard-edged, textural golds. Every piece is so crisp, it is ultimate chic! And the white, on white, on white, on fur is to die for. I know I said it last season too, but I can't escape it, it's too perfect. Monochromatics are still in season and Vautheir has not only proven that, but he has taken it to an entirely new level of sophistication and presence. Superhero metallics, almost costume-like in their reflection of light; create intense, visual pieces that gracefully cascade off the body like spun gold. Edged Smoking jackets lined with jewelry are like architectural gems to the majesty of those like McQueen himself. And that snow white fur...take me to heaven, all I need is this.


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