Friday, 20 July 2012

Ultimate Class, Ultimate Luxury, Ultimate Style

It's pretty common for me to be obsessed with fashion as a form; as in, what it signifies, what it evokes, and if it is unique, interesting, and bold. But there is more to fashion than obtuse individualism or striking newness; there is also epitomic luxury, quality, and craftsmanship. 

Ermenegildo Zegna's Spring/Summer 2013 Men's Collection, presented during Milan Fashion Week, is the crispest and richest looking collection I've seen all season. With an earthy, rich palette that includes a mix of aubergines, navy blues, camel leathers, and purple velvet; and the pop of a graphic print here and there in a pant, a proper shirt, or a pocket square; Zegna's showcase boasts resort-like luxury on an urban level. Beautiful, spring trenches that are almost feather light simply flow off the form while grounded by fantastic triangle totes that are so on-point for the season.

But most impressive of all, I'd have to say, would simply be the basic sport coats and blazers. The jackets in this collection are pristinely cut; they almost look like stoic, architectural sculptures. Everything from the subtlest print, a bold button, or the softest, glistening sheen throughout is not only well thought-out, but incredibly well executed. Everything has such taste and class, but everything isn't boring or forgettable in the least; conversely it's remarkable, interesting, and completely intentional to the finest detail. I'm officially impressed and officially obsessed with investing my money in brilliant suits this season.


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