Monday, 30 July 2012

FFW + Le POP! @ Nyood! Fantastic Event, Great Success!

Well! Our much anticipated event, Le POP!, has come and gone! And what an amazing pleasure it was, in literally every sense of the word. Packed full of so much creativity, Nyood Bar echoed and buzzed with the vitality of everyone attending and participating in our celebration of local fashion! We can only hope that you somehow made it out and joined the party!

Everything from casual clothing to jewelry of majestic quality was hosted as part of Le POP! by artists in and around Toronto. Gems in the city, in the country, and so much fantastic talent! It was an amazing experience for me not only to curate and help host, but to take part in and meet so many great people.

Here are some photos of our event.

We had an amazing turn out! The food was incredible, the music was great, and the company was probably the absolute best. I'd like to thank every artist and business that participated and lent their energy, time, and talent: Emily Woudenberg, Sheri STRanger, Shireen Nadir, Homegrown Boutique, Trend Trunk, Fashion Forward, Killigrew, Leilanni, and Dutch Blonde. I'd also like to thank Gillian Downes, who's not only the name behind Frugal Fashion Week, but also put together everything at Nyood; which leads me to my next big thank you - Nyood Bar. Wow! What an amazing space and what fantastic music and people. A big thanks to Nyood for handling all of us rushing in and out, and providing amazing service the whole day through. An enormous thank you as well to Angela Li, the powerhouse behind our Editorial, and every team member involved therein - Spot 6, HomegrownCandace French, and Gillian. And I'd also like to thank everyone who was just wonderful enough to show up to the event and deal with me during all this organization and creation. I really do have the greatest friends in the world that just happen to be amazing people and amazing artists all the same. You inspire me everyday, and I am so privileged to know each and every one of you.

Our event was a hit! Le POP! may even be featured in an online publication sometime soon. Local fashion, local news, local coverage? Now that's pretty fierce. We hope you enjoyed not only our small event but the rest of Frugal Fashion Week as well Toronto.

Much love,

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