Sunday, 15 July 2012

Circumsolar, and Fragments of Dying Light by Sruli Recht

Icelandic designer Sruli Recht's Spring 2013 Collection, and collaborative runway show with artist Tony Orrico, is a brilliant, hidden gem. Recht, clearly a man of performance, seems to use fashion as a way to transcend fashion itself. In an almost spiritual display of living art, Recht's collection beams unique character in subtlety and movement. 

I absolutely love the flowing knits; long and over-sized, moving over the body in an almost robe-like fashion, is completely on-point for the season; not to mention his Earthy palette. There is also a unique diversity to his collection; presenting everything from tailored lapels to over-the-shoulder sweaters, and high-cut summer shorts to baggy linens. I absolutely love everything about it; it is bold, interesting, and almost primal sometimes; though it delivers itself with taste and softness. And I believe it's modest enough to make sense without being overwhelming. We don't lose the fashion, even though the art itself is so interesting and large, and I think that's incredibly important.


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