Monday, 27 August 2012

Ajak Deng is a Metallic Phenom #Obsessed

I've worshipped Ajak Deng for a while. The Sudan-born, Melbourne-based model is one of the strongest, boldest faces in the industry; and has walked for everyone from Chloe, to Lanvin, to Givenchy, to Marc by Marc ever since her breakout at Paris Fashion Week in 2010. She also happens to be an incredibly talented Editorial model and, since her launch, has participated in some of the best Editorial spreads in North America and beyond.

City Dweller features Deng in an industrialized landscape of intersecting lines, stark monochromatics, and reflective metals and textures. There is an obvious juxtaposition to the robotic nature of her imagery set against an evolving and ironically organic urban landscape; but what's more interesting is that she is the object rather than the subject. She isn't the human, she is the building. She is the architecture and the statue, and in that, almost alien. Shot by Julia Noni and Styled by Barbara Loison for Obsession Magazine, Deng is stoic and powerful in Couture Chanel, Balmain, Balenciaga, and Prada. 

Photos courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue

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