Friday, 16 March 2012

Joe Fresh // Fall 2012

Joe Fresh has always been celebrated for his tasteful looks, but at Fashion Week, you never totally expect to be blown away by a highly marketed, consumerist brand, regardless of the success. But this was so far from the truth during Fashion Week - Joe Fresh had, in my opinion, the best show of the night he was featured in. His looks were tasteful but very modern and had unique design details and elements that made them very fashion forward in subtle ways. I wasn't the only one in attendance leaving the runway thinking "wow, I need to own some of those pieces!"

Bold colour rocked the runway at Joe Fresh for the Fall 2012 season! It was an unexpected palette that uniquely took quite a bit of inspiration from his Spring collection last year. Joe Fresh boasted bright oranges, neon reds, unusual green-tinted yellows, and brilliant turquoises as part of his fantastic knitwear, winter suits, and trench coats.

But what was most impressive about Joe Fresh wasn't his blocked colour palette that was so reminiscent of Spring; instead, it was his cuts. He had a unique mixture of very chic and very fitted trousers and sport coats that were mixed with loose fitting slacks and over-sized sweaters. The result, especially for the menswear, was a cool new aesthetic that took more inspiration from suits from the 30's and 40's, as opposed to the widely popular 50-60's aesthetic that is so trendy in fashion at the moment. Wide-legged trousers and sharply constructed jackets that were almost overbearing in size and shape dominated the menswear; whereas slight accents of fur, for both men and women, made bold, fall statements in texture.

More photos below
All credit for this fantastic photography goes to Steve Alkok, who has consistently been a machine during Fashion Week this year.


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