Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lundström Collection // Fall 2012

Lundström Collection presented their Fall/Winter 2012 showcase last night at the tents at David Pecaut Square for Toronto Fashion Week. Words to describe? Oh, just a few simple choices; super-luxe, gauche, regal, rich, classic, Hollywood...I could go on, but this is all I felt!

Lunsdtröm created stunning pieces of sustainable, classic shapes for their version of the ideal woman. A true testament to the rigid character of their aesthetic. I appreciated the amount of detail, finesse, and quality that simply oozed out of each piece. Fantastic coats and stoles of immaculate construction, knitwear cut and shaped to the perfect form; all accented with stunning, sparkling broaches and head pieces.

Feminine, sparkling, textural, royal almost; it was as if an homage to the classic starlets of the 30's-50's; where it was trendy to be super-luxurious and always fabulous. And I appreciate it because Lundström has managed to not necessarily re-create it, but to re-introduce it; with new colours, patterns, textures, and of course, a little bit of bling. And why not? The influence of urbanity and street wear in fashion is enormous (ever since Yves Saint Laurent changed fashion history forever by taking influence from it) but that doesn't mean there isn't a place for luxurious clothing, or even couture-inspired pieces. If you can design it, you can wear it, and you should! I digress, I do love it.

More photos below
All fantastic photography is by Steve Alkok.


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