Thursday, 15 March 2012

Mélissa Nepton // Fall 2012

Mélissa Nepton is a fantastic designer. She is a local talent from Quebec that has done little else but stir up the industry with her down-to-earth design sense that amalgamates function and style so easily. There is little else to say, because, and I'm sure you'll agree, the photos speak for themselves!

Knitwear at a new level was what set apart Nepton's Fall collection. It began clean and chic, but as the collection evolved, so too did the aesthetic. Light, flowing fabrics in bright whites and nudes gave way to over-sized wraps and coats in slate grays and blacks. Leather crept into the details (something we have been seeing a lot of at Fashion Week) while the seams of most of the knitwear was left unkempt and exposed; creating an interesting, rustic winter feel to the entire collection. Jumpsuits in almost completely sheer, baby blue were covered with heavy, weighted knitwear that billowed above and over; and subtle details like sewn-in neckties and collared dresses enhanced the city chic in each piece, creating a unique sensibility to the look. A well designed, well balanced, and brilliantly composed collection for the Fall/Winter season!

More photos below
All credit for the fantastic photography goes to Steve Alkok.


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