Sunday, 18 March 2012

VAWKKIN by Sunny Fong

VAWKKIN is the new line, presented at Toronto Fashion Week this year, that is the sister label to Sunny Fong's wildly celebrated VAWK. Vawk, since it's recent beginnings, is a true reflection of Fong's approach to fashion; that is, powerful, enigmatic, unique pieces that appeal to the successful woman of taste. His pieces are typically constructed with rich materials, luxurious details, and often evoke an air of wealth. VAWKKIN is his new attempt to transcend the VAWK boundary and re-interpret it's aesthetic into something younger, simpler, and more ready-to-wear for the urban woman on the go. Does this mean we may get to, dare I say, wear more affordable pieces from one of Canada's greatest young designers? I really hope so. VAWWKIN is business smart; but it will also give Fong the potential to re-create his brand in an entirely new light. I'd say that deserves some excitement!

VAWK Presents from Dave Tebbutt on Vimeo.


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