Monday, 12 March 2012

Lucian Matis Fall/Winter 2012 at the Fairmont

I had the privilege of seeing Lucian Matis' brilliant Fall/Winter 2012 Collection at the Fairmont Royal York tonight in Toronto. More than I expected from the designer, Matis delivered a stunning showcase of pieces that were as organic as they were detailed to open Fashion Week here in the city. I can't describe enough the beauty of these pieces up close - yes, the photos are wonderful, but until you see how these dresses move; until you see the amount of time, energy, passion, and work that must have gone into the hand-detailed elements; than you cannot truly appreciate the mastery of the aesthetic.

Black on black on slate on nude was Matis' on-season, on-point palette; accented with bright, luminous feathers in reflective greens and yellows. Soft, flowing fabric that gathered and released in classic silhouettes were etched with the most stunning overlaid details and textures. Layers and lines cut in perfect symmetry framed each neckline, or skirt, or fall and, in the most awe-inspiring cases, the entirety of the piece that literally sent shivers of "Wow..." through the seats!

I love the idea of replacing the storm of textural fur lately with this new, darker, romantic feather detail. But I absolutely adore the fantasy of the collection most of all. It is, undoubtedly, a celebration of beauty. And not just beauty as in fashion or art, but the basis of beauty; the law of beauty, the rule of beauty. Beauty as a constant, as a formula - composition, line, balance, symmetry. It is beauty for the sake of beauty, and that is what makes it special. It isn't a "look" nor a trend, and it isn't reflective of necessarily a time or a place. It exists within itself and, as a result, is classic. It is an homage to beauty eternal, and is unique.

Matis has always been a brilliant tailor, ever since his early beginnings in this city. But this collection is a testament to not only his skill, but his vision. It, as a whole, is a collection fully realized; and is evocative of Matis' profound artistic nature and potential influence - a gem from Toronto! 

More photos below 
Full credit for the fantastic photography goes to Steve Alkok. View his entire album of the event here.


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