Tuesday, 12 February 2013

In-Studio with Heather Lawton at New York Fashion Week! / #NYFW

After having the privilege of seeing first-hand Heather Lawton's fantastic debut Collection at New York Fashion Week, I had the chance to meet her in person at her Studio in Chelsea. I was accompanied by our production team (those of whom I am collaborating on this new film project with) to interview her, see and feel some of her incredible Collection pieces, as well as talk about this new collaboration we've been working on.

Heather was an absolute pleasure to meet and chat with. Not only is her aesthetic fiercely bold and totally on-point seasonally; but she is a charming, creative, and passionate designer totally devoted to taking her line to the highest ranks possible. Hailing from Canada, premiering in Toronto, and finding growing success in New York; Lawton embodies a vibrant energy that is personified in her immaculate clothing; exceptionally detailed, boldly shaped, and cut with laser precision. Not only did we have a moment to connect, but I even got to try on some of her brilliant pieces! The only words I can think of when touching a staple Lawton piece are chic, edge, and tundra! It's animality meets urbanity; flowing fabrics and billowing textures - everything I adore!

This new collaboration we are working on will feature select pieces from Lawton's previous Collections, evoking the energy and feel of her clothing in a visually impactful art-house film. Playing with light and darkness, shadows and silhouettes, and the concept of duality; we hope to create a provocative short that reflects the enigmatic characteristics of Heather Lawton's iconic design sense. We are filming before the end of the month! And I am so excited to share with all of you what we come with. We are hopeful to premiere at Toronto Fashion Week and re-solidify Heather's presence in Canada as a fresh, new, youthful designer with a killer look.

Wish us luck!


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