Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Saint Laurent Paris / Winter 2013 #Menswear

Hello Blogosphere! DylanInTheCity is in the heartbeat of it all - right here in Manhattan, New York this week! Our flight was smooth and quick from the epicenter of Toronto, and we couldn't be more excited for our stay in Gotham. Exploring Manhattan has been a treat so far, and there are hundreds of spots I have yet to discover. Keep it locked right here for Fashion events I may find myself in (as well as Heather Lawton's highly anticipated Fall/Winter 2013 showcase) and keep it locked to my sister-site, DylanInTheWorld, for some of my personal experiences within this fantastic, enigmatic, and majestic city.

Now! Before I become starstruck by my own realization that I'm sitting in a fabulous little suite in Manhattan; let's talk Fashion! The savior himself, Hedi Slimane, recently presented Saint Laurent Paris' fantastic and daring Fall/Winter 2013 Collection at Paris Fashion Week. The minute I laid my eyes on this Collection  I absolutely lost it - I'm obsessed and oh so thankful! Slimane really is the new re-interpretation of YSL and the core of his dream; newness. Slimane is presenting a freshness for men much like Yves himself did for women, in a sense. Androgyny, over-sized shapes, femininity and obtusely carved forms dominate Slimane's showcase for Saint Laurent Paris. Billowing scarves, ripped denim of a 90's era boy, and Gotham-esque capes solidify an aesthetic that is not only urban and daring, but uniquely feminine. Androgyny with a sting of strength and boldness; Slimane's aesthetic carries serious power; it's a very strong identity and extremely characteristic - I couldn't help but fall totally in love with it. I've spoken about how I feel about androgyny in Fashion before, and how important I think it is. It's wonderful to see Slimane, the creative leader behind one of the most iconic High Fashion Houses in the World, take that idea, that ideaology, and push it.

A brilliant presentation. I want everything. Thank you for redefining YSL into something neoteric yet again Mr. Slimane!


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