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Leather Vision / Heather Lawton Fall 2013 #NYFW

Hello Winter! I see you've not spared Toronto a single bit since I've been gone! But it's all good; 'tis the Season for Fashion, right? As you've probably guessed, I'm back from a fantastic week in New York City for Fashion Week. I hope you all joined me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to keep up-to-date on all the fabulous; after all, there was quite a bit. From the dense, sparkling streets of Manhattan, to the industrial lofts in Chelsea, to the boutiques of SoHo - we had a brilliant time, thank you New York! I'll be seeing you again soon, I'm sure. You can read about my experiences in NY more in-depth on my sister-site, DylanInTheWorld.

Toni Francis, Myself, and Jossyl Bacalla at Heather Lawton's Event in NYC.

Now, onto the Fashion. Who was as obsessed with Heather Lawton's presentation as I was? Pretty difficult not to be. We were invited to attend her first NYFW Presentation at Studio450; a tucked-away, inner-city loft at W 31st and 9th. The entire gallery was a wicked, bright open-concept space that masterfully blended the edged, industrial elements of the building (not to mention the incredible view of Manhattan) with the stark, cold, bareness of the design - Winter branches, white as snow bleakness, and the dark palette of the Collection itself. It was a presentation that acted more like a gallery of fine portraits. Enthusiasts were invited to drink, chat, socialize, and admire the aesthetic of Lawton's rich designs in a friendly and touchable voyeuristic atmosphere using live models.

Rich, dark leather, obtusely-formed new silhouettes, and over-sized outer wear dominated Lawton's diverse and enthralling aesthetic. If any of my readers know me at all, they know that I'm obsessed with anything and everything Fall Fashion - big scarves, dramatic knitwear, and coats! You can never have too many fabulous coats! I adored Lawton's incredibly dramatic, almost cape-like coats; draping completely over the model, either in the front or all over, much like a wrap. It was almost like mixing the elements we love so much about move-able scarves and knits and turning them into a shaped coat; creating new, purposeful cuts that took the eye on a journey of new silhouettes. I am absolutely digging this trend of over-sized, over-fabulous, and over-covered. I've seen it evolve over the past year in this industry and I'm still not tired of it! It's so inner-city urban meets Winter tundra; fabulously trekking through the trials of a concrete jungle? Survival of the fittest no doubt, especially in New York! Skinny cut pants and leggings were a perfect, chic balance to all the dramaticism happening up-top; from billowing, fur stoles to lion mane-esque, neck-hugging shawls.

But all the obtuse forms, though brilliant, did not outshine the classic elements of this same presentation. Lawton is quite genius when it comes to the details of her tailoring; and all you really need to do is touch, feel, and really look to see all the brilliance of one her perfectly cut leather jackets; and all of a sudden, it's magic! Perfectly shaped, perfectly cut, and perfectly fitted pieces were the true majesty of this Collection; sitting in silent brilliance behind the visually dominating, bolder elements. As a matter of fact, perhaps my favourite piece from Lawton's entire Fall 2013 Showcase was a stand-alone, stand-out, hot pink Moto Jacket made out of the most luxurious, supple leather. It was like butter to touch and like candy to look at; absolutely divine. The chic simplicity of something like this is what will always be remembered in a proper Collection, because it actually works. This is something that wears the same way that it looks on the model and on the rack, chic and sharp from beginning to end. A stunning, on-point, on-trend, and perfectly composed Collection. Congratulations on all your success Heather! And all the success you will undoubtedly find in New York in the future. I am privileged to be working with someone so fresh, new, and exciting; and I can't wait to see where this new project will take me.

The collaboration we are working on will be taking place very soon in Toronto featuring some of Heather's most iconic and memorable designs from her previous Collections. Keep your eyes locked on DylanInTheCity for everything that will be evolving out of it, and especially come Toronto Fashion Week, where we hope to premiere! Only 1 month away, are you ready? View Heather Lawton's entire Fall/Winter 2013 Collection at New York Fashion Week right here at Women's Wear Daily.


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