Saturday, 2 February 2013

New York City with Heather Lawton / #FashionWeek

Where have I been?! Well, many places, doing many things! I apologize for my slight absence. Regardless, Fashion hasn't escaped my eye and I am absolutely loving some of the fantastic things I'm seeing for Fall/Winter 2013 from all over the Fashion Circuit. I simply cannot wait to see what some of the best talent in this country will have to offer come our very own Toronto Fashion Week in March.

I've been incredibly busy working on a number of freelance projects this year! 2013 began rapidly with some great opportunities for magazine spreads, published editorials, and new artist collaborations! February has only just arrived and I think I've already planned out most of my freelance hours through until the end of the Spring. I'm so excited to share with everyone the fruit of all our work; all of which will, in due time, appear right here on DylanInTheCity. Working with different artists, enthusiasts, and even designers has been an ongoing, growing process for me; I'm so thankful to able to share creativity with people who embody the very essence of it. It really is a magical thing.

Incredible Photo by © Steve Kelley

What's the latest? Why, New York of course! She does look lovely. I'm sure you remember the last Fashion Film I helped produce and participate in with powerhouse Directors Jossyl Bacalla and Toni Francis for JUMA last year. Well! We have a new direction. The team and I are partnering with Heather Lawton, a fresh and dynamic NY-based designer that's relatively new to the Fashion stage, to produce a short Mood Film to embody the energy of her aesthetic. As a result, I will be in town for New York Fashion Week (!!!) this year, as well as a guest at Heather Lawton's Fall 2013 show in Chelsea.

I couldn't be more excited for not only NYC but the chance to meet and build a rapport with Heather, who is essentially my first New York connection. Her taste is minimalist but bold, and she often plays with unique, graphic shapes in her pieces while maintaining a simplistic, chic tonal palette. The girls and I are planning some vibrant and intense visual ideas for this film, and we couldn't be more thrilled to be collaborating with a designer of Lawton's skill and potential. New York used to be just a photo on my wall, as I used to say, and Toronto used to be larger than life itself. It's amazing, the places we've come from and the places we go. For the first time I'm not just going to New York for New York - I'm going to New York for Fashion. Fashion takes me there.

I'll be flying to New York City next week and will be updating you all on my adventures in the city! Both on the Runway and off, so be sure you're tuned into my network to see everything first hand - from our meeting with Heather Lawton to Bryant Park to the streets of Midtown. Share it with me.

Vine / @TheDylanDias

From Toronto to NY,

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