Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Day 1 at World MasterCard Fashion Week / Chloé Comme Parris

Opening night at World MasterCard Fashion Week saw iconic, sister-lead Design team, Chloé Comme Parrisreturn to the tents with an epic Fall 2013 Runway presentation. Embodying an attitude, aesthetic, and feel that was a nod to an unrefined and urban 90's era look; Chloé presented gunmetal graphics, over-sized fits, and schoolgirl stockings re-imagined to a classic soundtrack.

We were enamoured from the very beginning. Strutting out to Nirvana, knits tied around their waists, thigh-length dresses and over-sized moto-jackets; easily adaptable, retro fits. But, I should say, smartly adapted for a modern Fashion era by using mirrored graphics, patterned stockings, shiny shoes, and fantastic, glossy leather! An awesome palette of dark olives, sheer, and black dominated the Runway; while the 90's came out brashly in midriff cut tees, spaghetti-strapped dresses, and brazenly cut coats. I can't really say too much beyond that. Describing the Collection as is is the best I can do; and just saying that I absolutely fell in love with the feel. It felt like looking into the past a little bit, but it was so modern and wearable in today's evolving market. Listening to the music and seeing the girls; sweaters around their waists and braids in their disheveled hair, took me immediately back to Summer in the 90's; just cooler. It was wicked, urban, so hip, and it didn't pretend not to be. It wasn't subtle, but it was unique. A wicked presentation.

Credit for the amazing photos to George Pimentel and FLARE


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