Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Olivier Rousteing, Balmain, and the Fierce Metallic / Fall 2013

Ever since the young, brilliant, and mysterious Olivier Rousteing took over the House of Balmain in 2011; the entire aesthetic of Balmain had re-imagined itself in super-luxury opulence; a look more synonymous with that of it's original creator of which Balmain is named.

This Season, at Paris Fashion Week, Rousteing's Fall 2013 Collection for Balmain was no exception to the rule. A sparkling, highly-detailed, exaggerated, and extravagant showcase grounded by heavy forms, rich metallics, and stark shapes; Rousteing's aesthetic boasts a confidence and power equaled only be the era it clearly reflects; the affluent 80's. "More Balmain than Balmain has ever been before..." is a totally accurate sentiment.

We are smitten and inspired by the atmosphere and presence of these incredible clothes; evoking an ideal that moves beyond just the clothing itself. It's identity, it's magnificence, it's gauche, it's gaudy, it's too much, it's over-powered, and it's fabulous. From the glistening satin of the material, to the tightly cinched, belted waists, to the rigidly formed shoulders and geometric coat forms - it's, once again, architectural, iconic, dramatic, and brilliant in almost every visual sense. There is only one type of woman who could wear clothing this powerful, and that, I assure you, is a rare woman of an unparalleled, enigmatic beauty. A showstopping presentation! Bravo, Olivier!


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