Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Day 2 at World MasterCard Fashion Week / Mercedes-Benz Start Up: DUY

I couldn't wait to review this Collection and you're about to see why. DUY, a Montréal-raised and trained powerhouse Design-phenom, presented his Winter 2013 Collection last night at World MasterCard Fashion Week to significant praise! We were in absolute awe - at least I was - to the majesty, structure, power, and brilliance of this Collection. Victorian in essence and energy, DUY's Winter 2013 showcase was presented with an unyielding grandeur. Opulent forms in exaggerated, dramatic shapes slowly glided down the runway in Slate Greys, glittering Blacks, crisp Whites, and Olive leathers. Accented with bold, textural knits and hints of brilliant Silver, the entire Collection looked extremely expensive and impeccably constructed - from the laser-cut lines on some of those incredible cropped jackets to the floral motifs seemingly cut-out by hand. Jarring to see, in a beautiful way, and a stand-out presentation from the entire week.

There are very few Designers that I see present a Collection of this type of visual magnitude. Not to say that so many of the other Designers showing this week aren't as equally incredibly talented; but to say that it is definitely rare to see such a showstopper. It wouldn't surprise me if DUY's presentation launched a following here at a Fashion Week; something to be highly anticipated each and every Season should the iconic Designer choose to continue showing in Toronto. The forms, the gowns, the brilliant shapes, and the ultra-rich fabrics are a testament to a super-luxury that I am desperate to see more out of Canada. It's a beauty that is eternally significant, and designs like these won't be forgotten easily. Congratulations DUY!

All Credit to these amazing photos go to Jesse Milns and BlogTo


Insta-Dylan / @TheDylanDias


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