Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Day 1 at World MasterCard Fashion Week / Pink Tartan

Pink Tartan presented their Fall 2013 showcase last night at opening night of World MasterCard Fashion Week right here in Toronto. Presented at almost overflowing capacity, Pink Tartan showcased beautiful florals, 50's-60's era dresses and elements, and brilliantly coloured fur.

Pink Tartan is often praised for their beautiful femininity and classic shapes - this Season the Designer took that even further by adding totally Seasonal retro elements throughout. If it wasn't that 60's-era hair it was that 50's cut dress. Beautifully lined with a modern edge in touches of glossy leather, black leather, and bright power-pigments like Candy Pink, Superman Blue, and that beautiful Olive Green we've been seeing so much of recently; Pink Tartan's aesthetic was classically feminine for the Autumn Season. And, much like Bustle, it was refreshing to see Pink Tartan play with pigments that go beyond the seriousness of Fall Fashion - the bright tones are more reminiscent of what we adopt for Spring; which makes it that much more engaging, that much more bold, for Autumn. A nice touch.

The fur was epic, to say the least. Pink Tartan is known for using fur quite often, but not as often as they did last night. Bright jackets in Deep Browns, Bright Blue's, and Calico Golds dominated the Runway. We especially adored the White fur dotted and striped with beautiful Black lines - it was easily the stand-out piece of the entire Collection. Golds, Silvers, and Greys were a tour-de-force amidst the brightness, and the Chanel-cut tweeds were professional, sharp, and classically 50's. Very nice!

All Credit for the amazing photos go to George Pimentel


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