Sunday, 17 March 2013

DylanInTheCity at The ShOws / Fall 2013 with Steven Tai

Steven Tai was perhaps the most surprising and fascinating show to present this year at The ShOws in Toronto. Nothing short of a genius in the creation of his materials and pieces, Tai showcased an aesthetic that was seasonally sound but creatively unique, totally on-point in terms of trend but imaginatively produced, and one of the best showstoppers of both days at The ShOws.

The aesthetic of Steven Tai's Fall 2013 Presentation was fantastic. Huge, over-sized knits that were youthful, obtuse, and so 90's. Boldly geometric blocked colours, a stand-out trend among Designers all over the world this Season; as well as fantastically wide flood pants. The most impressive element of Tai's collection was his amazing use of the most unexpected material - Silicone. In a candid, post-show interview at The ShOws, Tai explained that much of the Silicone he used was meticulously manipulated and molded into shape; creating textures and forms meant to mimic the visuals of traditional fabric. But it goes much beyond that; the Silicone was also hand-treated to become an actual, bendable and sew-able material. The result? Fascinating and bold forms that glistened in bright, plastic hues - lollipop colours of the 90's re-imagined in bold, shiny shapes; adding visually stunning textural elements to some of Tai's most iconic pieces for Fall 2013.

The is another Collection where the pictures simply don't do the quality of the design justice. Some of Tai's garments, particularly the white, woven Moto jacket, were created with an incredible amount of meticulous detail. The hand-work is remarkable, and is a testament to Tai's Design skill; not only visually, but in terms of production. If anything, the entire presentation is a fantastic portrayal of Tai's potential and the amazing levels a Designer of his caliber could take his evolving aesthetic in the future.

All Photos credit to Fashion Magazine


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