Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Day 1 at World MasterCard Fashion Week / Bustle Clothing

Bustle was easily the most energetic, exciting, and best Runway presentation of the night! Known for creating Runway shows that are more like Runway performances, Shawn Hewson and Ruth Promislow presented a Collection that stood apart from the rest of the Fall Season - bright, exuberant prints and motifs, contrasting layers of texture and shape, and a whimsical play on asymmetrical lines and forms.

We absolutely love Bustle, and their showcase last night at World MasterCard Fashion Week only deepened that love. The play on colours and patterns were so bright and bold; it added so much whimsy to a Fall Season that is typically so serious. The vibrant, cranberry reds, the orthogonal blues, and those amazing trench coats - no one makes a man's trench quite like Bustle. The styling was absolutely perfect; brightly layered textures, jackets that had lines that did more than colour-block, but texture-block; accented with sharply cut chino's, slacks, glossy shoes, and boldly contrasting patterned socks (my favourite part!). I could only assume that socks of that awesomeness would have to be Happy Socks, which is a company that Bustle greatly endorses and clearly loves (we do too!).

It was a unique take on the classic man. Sharply cut suits that were sexy, professional, and charming; but evoked powerful femininity in their colour, motifs, patterns, and forms. It was a newer man; and I'm thrilled, and equally unsurprised, to see Bustle take the lead in Toronto for this re-definition of classic masculine style. Energetic, powerful, colourful, whimsical, charming, fantastic - it's all Bustle! Awesome job.

All credit for the amazing photos to George Pimentel and FLARE.


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